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Ava’s story

Meet Ava, marginalised for being a girl in football. That is until she found Bloomsbury. Now Ava has access to the same high-quality facilities, coaches and competition, on a weekly basis, as her male counterparts. At Bloomsbury, we aim to crush the barriers to participation and create equal opportunities for all in football.

Coach Emma’s story

Having experience the same barriers to participation as young women and girls are today, Coach Emma is set on creating equality when it comes to the facilities, coaching and competition available to young people in London. Check out her story and inspiration for joining Bloomsbury.

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Our memberships run on monthly subscriptions and include access to all the programmes features, including sports science and free physiotherapy consultations, match and individual analysis, up to three weekly training sessions, as well as weekly competitive matches and multiple yearly tournaments. We offer financial assistance on all our memberships to ensure everyone is able to benefit from our programmes. Prices vary by programme.

Our Academy programme is designed to nurture and develop talented young players. Although our main goal is not to have players move on to professional academies, it is a great by-product that we have seen come true over the last seasons, with players trialling with the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal, Watford, Crystal Palace and Cambridge United. We aspire to bridge the gap between professional academies and grassroots football.