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Academy Match Reports

WEEK 34 | Tournament Teamwork Under the Sun

15th Jun 2022


 Bloomsbury U14 – GSL Tournament

Laura played brilliantly as she was able to understand every position, she played in. She created width when in wide areas creating a lot of space for others on a very narrow pitch.

Carla was the best player for Bloomsbury as she was amazing at 1v1 defending not getting beaten once in the tournament. She was also very good on the ball and was key for the team building the attack. Ava was the main driving force going forward as she was so fluid when attacking. If she won the ball, her physical and technical attributes allowed her to beat anyone 1v1. Her decision making was top level as she realised when the space was not there to go 1v1 and when she needed to shift the ball on.

The team lost 2-0 in the first game in a 6v6 encounter. The score line shows the Bloomsbury Girls no justice as they hit the woodwork 3 times and created numerous chances, only being thwarted by the opposition goalkeeper. Balham then score 2 screamers to win the game as Bloomsbury take the loss in the first game. A 0-0 draw against Barnes Eagles showed a more even game. Feeling slightly tired from the game before, very few chances were created from both sides. This game developed a good understanding of needing to finish your actions as many transitions occurred as well as the ball going out of play. In the third game against Most Wanted, a 4-0 win ensued. Ava scored three with Aliki scoring one. The key to this game was the girls desire to press high and force mistakes from the opposition. The opposition were unable to play longer passes from the goalkeeper, so a higher press was applied. In the final, Bloomsbury won 2-1. Ava scored a goal halfway through the first half with Theresa scoring just after half time squeezing one in at the near post. The aim was clear to manage the game in the best way with passes being played more securely and understanding where the girls can create overloads on the pitch. Most Wanted scored with around 5 minutes left to play and the girls successfully stopped them getting any more chances, and therefore becoming the champions of the GSL U14 tournament.

Bloomsbury U6 Gold – Tournament

All players involved had a brilliant tournament. Labren excelled all over the pitch, defending with all his heart and driving forward with fantastic determination. Beau’s tricky feet and clever passing proved too much for many of the opposition, creating plenty of opportunities for his teammates and himself. Ahmed used his physicality effectively, protecting the ball well and never shying away from a challenge. Takumi battled hard to win the ball back out of possession, and listened fantastically to all instructions given, positioning himself very well. Idris gave his all wherever he played, constantly pressing the opposition, never giving the other players much time on the ball and putting in lots of challenges.

A brilliant day out for the U6’s, battling hard and overcoming every challenge, holding many strong teams to a draw and creating lots of opportunities going forward. It was great to see all the players smiling and very engaged! Everyone was extremely focused and paid attention the whole time, allowing things to run very smoothly and make it an enjoyable experience for all!