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Bloomsbury Football partner with Technique Health

17th Mar 2021

Bloomsbury Football and Technique Health have united for the betterment of young athletes in the capital.

Technique Health is a London based private health care company providing physiotherapy, osteopathy, strength and conditioning and health and fitness services. Their pedigree in terms of industry expertise, with their Director formerly of Chelsea Football Club, and their employees substantially qualified and experienced, means they’re well placed to help our organisation and assess and diagnose the musculoskeletal conditions of our athletes.

Our visions of enabling sports participation in London align, and because sports science has a fundamental part to play in that, we need to support our athletes: “because they are athletes, we need to help them train as athletes, help them prepare as athletes, and also help them recover as athletes. So if they have an injury, we’re there to help support that. The more you know as an athlete, the better you’re prepared to look after yourself. So, by educating, enabling people to take some responsibility for their own health, is fundamental to creating an athlete.” – Mike Aunger, Technique Health Director.

As we approach the end of the COVID tunnel, it’s incredibly important that our young athletes stagger their training approach. “In your seasons, training [sessions] are consistent, and matches are consistent. Whereas now, we’re going through a period of not being allowed to do anything, to suddenly going and playing however many matches or training sessions a week. So, the way to span that is to start early, start now, get your strength and conditioning work in so by the time you go back and play, you’re not having to develop that fitness in the games because that’s when you’re likely to break down” – Gus Morrison, Technique Health Clinical Lead Physio Therapist.

Our sports science programme at Bloomsbury Football is aimed at enabling our players to maximise their full potential through periodic testing seven times a year: including strength and conditioning, injury prevention, flexibility mobility, as well as muscle imbalances. The lockdowns over the past year impacting on health and fitness created the necessary impetus for Bloomsbury to launch our sports science programme which has grown and grown since last summer. Where we were incorporating that into certain training sessions, it’s now become its own department: where we have designated sessions in which the digital lessons will carry over when we come out of lockdown and we’re back to our normal schedules. We’ve had a lot more time to speak to other professionals and really educate ourselves and make sure we get those things right, and partnering with Technique Health will allow us to take our sports science programme to the next level.

At Bloomsbury, we understand that being coachable is critical to developing, we never stop learning, especially from other people who have more experience and expertise. We talk about improving the lives of young people and pursuing their full potentials and we want to make sure that we give them every opportunity to do that, which is why we’re so excited about this partnership.

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Speaking on the announcement, our CEO Charlie Hyman exclaimed: “we’re thrilled to be partnering with Technique Health, an organisation that shares our vision of ensuring that every young person grows up with the opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Their professionalism, quality of service and desire to democratise access to physiotherapy will support the development of our young people, allowing them to consistently perform to the best of their ability and achieve their sporting goals.”

Working with Technique Health will enable us to further improve the treatment and experiences available to our players through expert advice and facilities.