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Young people in London are facing a growing mental and physical health crisis which disproportionately affects girls and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The pandemic, social media and the Cost of Living Crisis have made the situation worse. At Bloomsbury, we believe in the power of football as a vector of social change. 

Bloomsbury Football has created high quality football programmes that are available to everyone, meaning that no young person misses out because of financial access barriers.


players aged 3-18 engaged weekly
of players receive financial assistance
of players feel more confident
of parents report improved physical health among children 



Bloomsbury Football’s Theory of Change model is central to our impact mission. The framework allows us to evaluate where our impact is felt, allowing us to work with local community groups, residents and charities in all Bloomsbury communities. 

Developed in liaison with the University of Westminster and ThinkBeyond, this tried and tested model helps us continually improve our provision and impact young people’s lives across London.

By holistically evaluating impact through both personal and community lenses, we make sure we are not only improving individual lives – we have fostering wider societal change.

True Stories of Change

Marwa’s Story

“She listens more to her coaches than she does to her mum”.

We are proud to be supporting Marwa and her family both on and off the pitch. Since joining Bloomsbury Football, Marwa has gained confidence and has improved her communication style.

No child is ever turned away from a Bloomsbury session due to financial, disability or migrant status

Shola’s Story

‘She found home’.

Stories like Shola’s are why we do what we do at Bloomsbury Football & why we believe in the power of the beautiful game.

Since joining Bloomsbury Football, Shola has become more confident on & off the pitch, strengthened her communication skills and learned to dream big!

Measuring Our Impact

We are undertaking our most comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) survey to accurately measure our impact. This longitudinal study was designed alongside industry-leading consultants from Portas and experts from the University of Westminster. The survey will be rolled-out every six months from March 2024. 

To enhance our impact measurement, we promptly aim to adopt the Most Significant Change (MSC) framework into our toolkit. Informed by our Youth Board and external consultants, MSC will give Bloomsbury Football deeper insight into how our programmes are changing lives through the power of football.