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Bloomsbury Football x Momentum On

5th Apr 2024


Bloomsbury Football’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ campaign launched on International Women’s Day 2024. The goal was to celebrate the female coaches in our community and encourage more girls & women to get into coaching. The campaign was created following Emma Hayes’ comments in February 2024 that the lack of women in coaching is ‘a massive issue’.  

Bloomsbury Football teamed up with the creative duo behind Momentum On, Martha Omasoro and Jade Keshia Gordon, to create ‘A Seat at the Table’. The pair founded Momentum On to capture the joy, excitement and anticipation that football fans had during the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Much like the team at Bloomsbury Football, Martha and Jade believe that we must keep talking about and celebrating girls and women in sport to continue the momentum that was created during this historic tournament and to inspire the next generation of athletes.  

At the end of March, we spoke to Martha and Jade about the impact of ‘A Seat at the Table’ and why creativity matters to inclusion.  

Chatting to the Martha and Jade, they explained how Momentum On start from the desire to create change and celebrate women’s football. 

“I think we often talk about wanting change but don’t do anything about it” Jade explained.  

“So, Martha came to me with the name Momentum On and how we should create a platform to produce content on women’s football.” 

The aim for Momentum On is to inspire women of all ages and races, showing them that they have a place on the pitch. Martha explained why that mission statement made the partnership with Bloomsbury Football a natural one.  

“Organisations like Bloomsbury are gate-openers. They spotlight impact that is happening on a daily basis”.  

Jade further detailed the importance of having more female coaches on the pitch, and why ‘A Seat at the Table’ campaign champions diversity within sport. 

“Female coaches show girls they can succeed in coaching, encouraging more girls to join the sport” she said. 

“They bring new ideas and perspectives that improve coaching and team relationships, leading to better results. If the UK focuses on creating more opportunities for women to get into coaching, we will be inspiring future generations of girls and show that we are a country that values fairness and diversity in sport.” 

‘A Seat at the Table’ showcases Bloomsbury Football coaches Beth, Sasha and Morgan. The visual series was not just artistically fulfilling for Martha and Jade, but further underlined the essential importance of photography and visual storytelling in promoting women’s football.  

“In order to be seen in the world of football as a woman, visuals need to be on display. If men’s football is so marketable and is on TV, why can’t women’s football have the same traction?” said Jade. 

Martha agreed, saying “not only is it important for us to let girls and women know that they belong and have a seat at the table… they should also know that having the ambition or desire to make football part of your future in the short or long-term is realistic and possible.” 

By celebrating the women coaching in the Bloomsbury Football community, Momentum On and Bloomsbury Football are excited to be highlighting the individuals creating real, positive change within the industry.  

Explore Momentum On’s work by visiting their Instagram page.