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Academy Match Reports


28th Mar 2024

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U7 boys 12 vs 0 London Thames Sharks

ELITE performance by all players. After a massive win from last week, we kept the winning streak alive with a big result this time. The work the boys are putting in during training is paying off! I love the way every player fought for the ball, pushed everyone else to keep it and do wonderous things! Proud of all players and their performance.

One of the best moments of the game was when Enzo scored a backheel goal after a great assist from Michael! What a skill, what a finish… Player of the match was Nabil. He has been working hard on the past few games, displaying impressive defensive work. He also scored a goal and almost scored a free kick. He is crucial in defence but clinical in attack too, performing great pressing and tackling to recover ball possession!

We have worked on defending 1v1 situations and dribbling so players gain more confidence on the ball. Also trying to get the ball back as a team or individual battles. We are still working on passing, which we will keep working on during camps and after Easter break, to combine both passing and dribbling. The boys are doing a great job in and out of possession, but we can still take it to another level!

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U8 boys 3 vs 2 The Vale

I have to start by saying there have been many games this season where I’ve said “this is the best performance so far,” but this time I mean it even more than usual. By a huge margin. We faced very strong opposition, but we were able to show incredible defensive solidity led by Nicos at the back. Up 2-0 in the first half with some great football from Sufian and Ted who scored our goals.

The second half started slowly, maybe due to complacency with the score, and we conceded two goals, making it 2-2. But, as he often does, Maxime drove the ball from the halfway line after a good play by Freddie, and it ended up in the net! He scored the winning goal and led the way to the quarterfinals!

My highlight of the match was the players’ happiness after their big, well-deserved win. Nicos, was our player of the match. If the highlight of the game was how solid we were at the back it would have been down to his efforts. Over the last few weeks, the kids have shown a much better understanding of positioning on the pitch and how to organize themselves in both attack and defence. To improve we need to work on our decision making. When to pass or dribble.  When to go back or forward.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U9 gold 3 vs 2 Pro Touch

A surprising game as I don’t think we were able to go in any higher than third gear. It was back on forth, where Pro Touch looked to break us down on the counter attack. However, we stayed strong baring down on their goal with shot after shot. Finding the back of net through Luca, Ezekiel and Rocco. After every goal we never looked to stop which may have been our downfall as we didn’t slow the game down. Compactness in the middle of the pitch was the difference maker in the game. A good performance all around from everyone and a great win to go into the Easter break!

My favourite moment was when we crashed the goal from a rebounded shot and Luca was in a great position to just help the ball into the net! His understanding of positioning is brilliant and it definitely emanates on to others. My player of the match was Oliver. His ability to play any position on the pitch without question is rare. He had a strong impact when pressing upfront, winning the ball back in their defensive third so many times. His ability to then go in goal and stop so many shots from going in is amazing.

This week’s training was looking into retaining to create. Our focus was when we won the ball back could we recycle or go and make chances depending on the different variables in front of us. The boys did well using this throughout the game, helping each other by talking about when to recycle through shouts. Next week will be the final week before the break. Focus has been absolutely fantastic this block and praise to the boys for switching it on since December.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U9/10 boys 1 vs 2 Active FC

The overall performance was impressive and progressive. Although we conceded an early goal which put us at a disadvantage, we managed to level the game and come back with a strong performance. In possession, the boys fully used the width of the pitch to create some 1v1 chances for both wingers. When out of possession, they recovered the space quickly and worked hard to stop the ball before it went into our box. In transition, we did well in looking for forward passes and breaking lines. It’s unlucky that we were beaten by another last minute goal, but the way boys played was good.

Brian’s goal was definitely the highlight of the match. A very good example of passing and moving after we won the ball in our half. A quick line breaking pass to find Max in the centre of the pitch. And at the same time, Brian had got his body shape right in the front. He fully concentrated on the ball, with a powerful shot hitting at the centre of the ball and finding the bottom corner of the net.

Player of the match goes to Patryk. It was Patryk’s debut for the team, and he did very well. He was always a threat on the right side when he had the ball, running up and down the line, using speed and technique to keep challenging the defenders. A lot of shots were created from his side.

In training we focused on playing through balls and finishing. This was evident in the game with high quality passes to break lines. Our shots were also taken with more speed and power. The knowledge we’re starting to pass on to the boys is starting to show. There is still space to improve in ball movement with a triangle shape and also our first touch. This will allow us to be more confident and comfortable in keeping possession.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U10 gold boys 3 vs 1 european football academy gold

A solid performance from the boys with us coming out on top for the victory. The first half started with us being a bit disjointed with our movement but we were able to overcome that and score a really good goal through Teo to make it 1-0. This was then followed by Kingsley driving down the wing and cutting it back to Pax to make it 2-0 going into halftime. We upped our performance levels after halftime but unfortunately conceded for it to become 2-1. As the game drew on we got a corner and up stepped Marcelo to curl the corner in directly to make it 3-1 and seal the game.

My favourite moment of the game was our second goal coming off a transition which allowed us to play quick, emphasising into what we put into training this week. My player of the match was Marcelo as he was really vocal and kept going exhibiting the Bloomsbury values,  scoring a really good goal.

This week we looked at patient or quick approaches and where we would use them. This was evident, especially with our second goal, using a quick approach in a transition moment.  We could be better next week with our use of our play in the middle third to connect our defence to our attack. This would allow us to transition to attack much easier. If we can improve this aspect we can surely get to the next level.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U10 black boys 4 vs 2 TGFC

A really good performance from our boys to continue their winning streak. The game started off really well with us on the front foot.  Against the run of play we conceded the first goal in the game as we went into half-time. As the second half started we were still on top and it finally culminated in Nathan passing to Nico for him to take a touch and slot it into the net to make it 1-1. Unfortunately, this was then followed by a goal from the opposition to make it 2-1.

After this, Jake made a marauding run forward and scored making it 2-2. We sustained pressure really well after this with Noah scoring a goal to make it 3-2 and getting an assist to Maxime in order to make it 4-2 and seal the game for the win.

My favourite moment of the game was our fourth goal as we had really good build up play leading up to it with the pass into Noah so he could cut it back for Maxime to score.  It was a real cathartic moment and reflected how we played. My player of the match was Maxime as I felt he performed really well with his effort levels exhibiting the Bloomsbury Values and was able to cap off his performance with a goal.

This week in training we looked at situations to play fast or slow and I felt this had an impact in our build up being more patient. In transition situations we were able to move the ball quickly when the opposition was unsettled. We can be better by being able to move the ball, getting a better understanding of when to be patient and when to move it quickly. If we can get better at this we can move to the next level.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U11 gold boys 10 vs 2 European Football Gold

After a frustrating game on Sunday where we couldn’t break down the opposition – this was the complete opposite. In these games we try to play attacking football but recently we either haven’t been clinical in front of goal or made the right decisions. Not today, though.

From the start of the game the team were on it and scored within the first minute. Kurt picking up the ball on the edge of the box cutting past a defender and rolling it into the corner of the net. The goals didn’t stop there, a minute after, Kurt brought the ball out of the sky and played it forward on the right to Santi who drove at the goal and fired into the corner. It soon became 3 when Santi pressed high from a goal kick, won the ball off a defender and squeezed it past the keeper.

The play was outstanding and we were moving the ball really well making the right decisions at every turn. Edgar fired a shot from long range which went under the keeper and Christian won the ball from a goal kick and tapped into an empty net. The whole team were working and were keeping the ball well – Santi, Joao and Kurt all had chances with Christian and Basti creating chances. Alex, Jacob and Rex kept it solid at the back.

At half time the message was clear: keep playing, keep the ball and keep a clean sheet. The first target was hit immediately after. Edgar playing the ball down the line to Basti whose cross/shot went past the keeper at the near post. Kurt scored again getting past the defender and firing into the corner. Frustratingly though we conceded a goal through over playing out the back. But we didn’t let our heads drop. Joao finally got his well deserved goal after a brilliant through ball from Deniro.

In the last 5 minutes of the game Deniro bagged two goals which were richly deserved. One from a cross from Santi and the other from a through ball from Kurt. An utterly amazing performance filled with different goal scorers and different type of goals! A great way to end before the Easter break

Mi highlight of the game was how every player’s attitude was spot on. Whether on the pitch, being subbed off or supporting on the side lines. Player of the match was Joao Richard de Souza Suchocki. An outstanding performance. One goal but multiple assists, quality touches and made the right choice in the final third numerous times.

The focus before the game was on being clinical with that final pass or shot in the final third. Safe to say we managed that ok. To improve we need to avoid complacency and eradicate the concession of unnecessary goals.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U12 black boys 3 vs 3 Whetstone Wanderers

After last week’s disappointing loss, the Black team were given a challenge. They were asked to go home, take a good long look at themselves in the mirror, think about their attitude and application. It gives me a lot of joy in saying that their response was superb; firstly, with an excellent week of training, followed by an excellent 3-0 result and an even better performance. Chances, goals, training being implemented, a clean sheet – it had the lot.

Starting off with coach Milo’s iteration of 431, including three centre-midfielders to gain superiority centrally, we looked comfortable building from the back – albeit with a couple heart-in-mouth moments. The football was simple, but effective, with Wilkie returning from last week’s strop to have seemingly taken on board coach Milo’s advice.  Making excellent decisions regarding when to play through the lines and when to circulate possession. At the back, the division’s best CB partnership of Boris and Chris continued to shine. Simple passes were on offer to their ball-side wing-backs, Kristiano and Sebastian, whilst the former showed a keen interest to get forward on the overlap – love that Boz! Chris was typically imperious but increasingly consistent lapses in concentration creeping into his game have the management staff  pulling their hair out! Get into good habits please fella!

Speaking of wing-backs, it would be remiss not to mention the boundless energy of Kristiano and Seb, who were instrumental in breaking the deadlock. With our wide combinations popping off like a bag of corn in a microwave, the runs of both wing-backs to exploit their dangerously high-line were instrumental in creating chances in the final third. Zak Dalvi grabs the headlines for his first-half brace, but it was his second that was especially caught the eye. Yarik clipped a ball over the top to an impeccably timed run fitting of his ‘C’ alternatively spelt namesake, Kristiano, who drove down the line, cut it back for The Dalvatron, who obliged with a sumptuous finish in the bottom corner. The highlight of the match.

Much as he usually does, Yarik continued to pull strings in the centre from his left #8 position with a supporting case of the destructive Zain, the tricky Ayman, Irving the machine, and some new fella called Almond. Haven’t seen much of him before, must be a trialist? Indeed, it’s quite humbling when your two players who never turn up to training are able to implement what you’ve been working on better than almost everyone, but there does seem to be a telepathic understanding between Ayman and this Almond fella – hope to see both of you training soon – which speaks volumes of their high game IQ.

At half-time, coach Milo set the challenge of keeping our standards high (which they should always be), maintaining good habits (Chris), and winning the second-half (we did). After a string of chances, we finished off the game following good work from the destructive Zain to win the ball high and force a turnover. Game, set, and match.

All in all, an incredibly satisfying victory demonstrating the boys’ quality. They were set a challenge to raise their level and improve their application. Thankfully, they obliged. Great day in the office where no one had a bad performance. Impeccable vibes going into tournament week then Easter. Hala Blooms!

Kristiano was our player of the match for his energy, bravery, runs, combinations and assists. Congratulations young man, incredibly well deserved!

To improve we need to diversify build-up tactics – playing fast, going long, exploiting weak-side. Also we need to show bravery to face-up if possible; if not, taking our first touch away from pressure.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U14 boys 3 vs 1 City of London

BFA U14s went into the game full of confidence and ready to do whatever it took to progress to the Semi-Final of the Challenge Cup. James and Biraj emphasised the importance of playing with courage and confidence, no matter the score line in the game. However, in the blink of an eye, we found ourselves 1-0 down after a long ball from a goal kick caused chaos in our back line. A cool finish from City of London gave us the perfect opportunity to show the resilience and self-belief that this team has fostered in recent weeks.

The boys showed the perfect reaction, going straight up the other end and creating chance after chance. Jack Orbell, Yacine Gharouz and John Ribeiro were playing with a point to prove, beating their opponents in 1v1 situations time after time and getting plenty of shots on goal inside the penalty area.

20 shots on goal later and striking the woodwork three times; the ball just wouldn’t find its way into the opposition net and the referee blew the half-time whistle. The boys were growing a touch frustrated with the time-wasting tactics employed by the other team.

But nobody let their heads drop, and the boys went into half-time determined to not give up and to turn this game around. The coaches encouraged the team to continue to combine in possession and to remain patient, insisting that the first goal was coming! We spoke about how we could vary our efforts from set pieces and to be creative on the pitch.

After 10 minutes in the second half, we managed to break the deadlock. A short corner routine from Yacine and Jack was worked well to Jake Davies who was in space in the edge of the box. He took a shot, which hit a few bodies on it’s way to the goal and fell to Rubens Baron, who, in typical fashion, found half a yard of space and arrowed the ball into the bottom corner to bring the game to 1-1. The boys let out a roar of emotion, celebrating together, with plenty of encouragement coming from the substitutes.

Levi Falade and Gavin Donkor defended brilliantly, not allowing the opposition any time on the ball, and winning every aerial duel to stop any attacks from City of London. Rishon Nayyar put in a terrific performance, particularly in possession, always being an option for the team to recycle the ball. Jake, Vinnie Maguire and Emmanuel Vita gave everything, working up and down the pitch, keeping the ball confidently and harrying opponents out of possession.

With five minutes left in the game, there was only one team pushing to score the winning goal. A long throw from Gavin into the box saw John do his best salmon impersonation, leaping over the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms to head the ball into an empty net. With this we took the lead for the first time in the match.

With the game at 2-1, City of London threw everything forward to try and score an equalising goal. We won possession back in our defensive third, with another great header by Gavin, our player of the match. Rubens drove past a few defenders and played a great pass to Yacine, who continued to carry the ball with pace and trickery into the final third. Manny made a huge effort to sprint the length of the pitch to join the attack, creating a 3v2 counter attack situation. Yacine calmly picked him out at the back post and with all the time in the world, Manny finishes past the goalkeeper and into the top corner to put the game to bed.

The referee blew for full-time and the boys all run into the middle of the pitch to celebrate together. A fantastic performance and a brilliant show of character. Bring on the Semi-Finals!

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U15 boys 4-3 Maccabi

The U15 Boys Academy finished their WFL season with a hard-fought, but well-deserved result at the beautiful Rowley Lane. In a frantic opening 10 minutes, both teams registered an early goal courtesy of some well-worked team play on a fantastic surface. Firstly, BFA opened the scoring in similar fashion to that of the goal conceded by England versus Brazil. But rather than a spritely 17 year old Brazilian wonderkid tapping in a parry by the goalkeeper, Goncalo was on hand to finish off a great team move from back to front.

5 minutes later and the scores were level after BFA had been dispossessed in the middle of the park. Maccabi countered with pace and precision to tuck the ball home. The culmination of the first half played out in sombre fashion, with little chances occurring. Largely in part to great ball retention and defending on show from both teams.

The second half began in very similar fashion, with a hint of confrontation sprinkled in also. After the Maccabi goalkeeper duly picked up a pass back from their full-back with no punishment handed out, he proceeded to go route one, resulting in Maccabi taking the lead.

Hard done by, BFA responded via a fantastically worked corner routine to which Rayane provided Mark the perfect delivery to volley home emphatically. 2-2, 52 minutes gone.

2 minutes later and Mark doubled his tally, putting BFA in the ascendancy again, after some fantastic wing-play from Aaron allowed him to thread the ball through for Mark to beat the last defender and slide the ball home through the keeper’s legs.

Maccabi probed and probed to get back into the game, with some fantastic last ditch defending from the centre back pairing of Alpha and Jahmai snuffing the danger out, combined with a goal keeper of the season performance from Sergey too. But with 4 minutes left to play, Maccabi eventually came back onto level terms, tapping in at the back post.

That wasn’t to be the end of the scoring however, with Rayane adding to his assist with a very well taken goal after BFA launched a counter attack in lighting quick fashion. 4-3 and a well deserved win.

My highlight of the game was the attitude and effort which has been an issue throughout the season when the going gets tough. But to see every individual give their all was great to witness and fills me with excitement as we anticipate going into next season. Sergey was our player of the match. A solid first half on the right-side of the back 4 coupled with the best goalkeeping performance from any of our makeshift goalkeepers all season. Very much deserved.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation  U15 boys 2 vs 6 Alexander Palace North

This game summed up our season in a nutshell. Periods of excellence and periods of disappointment. We started the game really brightly, creating a lot of chances, taking one of them. Unfortunately, the referee said it was offside but the linesman did not agree with him. The opposition came back and scored two goals before halftime.

From the second half, we were on the back foot for a long periods of time. Another defensive error cost us a goal. Then we entered the period of madness. We scored to make it 3-1. Big shout up to Arty scoring his first goal. The opposition, from kick off made it 4-1, and from our kick off we made it 4-2 with a top bins screamer from Sammy, just outside the box.

At this point we were playing really lovely football with confidence. Unfortunately, we could not sustain this. We conceded another two goals to make it 6-2. It did not help that we were missing our top two goal scorers.

Overall looking back to our first few games of the season. We did not show any character, fight and control. Now we are a better team. Of course there’s still improvements to be made, but we have grown. I believe this season was a success especially knowing that this was the first season as a team together.

Benjamin was our player of the match. Benjamin was very composed on the ball and made right decisions when playing the ball.

To improve we need to be defensively organized and mentally disciplined. We were on the front foot but simple defensive errors cost us.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U16 girls 4 vs 3 London football School

After a massive win for us against LFS the week before in the first game of the cup, we faced another strong team in Camden youth. (Not exactly sure who made these groups putting the 3 strongest teams in the competition together. Clearly the organisers wanted us to take each other out). Our last meeting with them ended in a 1 all draw. A poor first half performance from us was followed by a rousing second half one which we felt should have been enough for us to win the game.

Camden have some truly excellent players on their team. Their number 10 could find space in a jug of water and their goalkeeper/left winger can wriggle out of a straitjacket. But we’ve got some outstanding talent as well. The match was poised to be a tense affair, one I was confident that we would come out on top of.

We had a lot of interest from our team in this game, with 13 players available for selection (last time we played them we had 15). This was hard for me to manage as there is a finite number of minutes that I can give to each player. Having 6 girls on the side line yapping in your ear about when they are going to come on, only adds to the stress.

We started the game relatively well, winning the ball back with aggression and covering the space that was left open for Camden to attack into effectively. Georgia, our player of the match, produced something good every time she touched the ball. Whether it was retention, switches, combinations or 1v1 skill, she did it all. This is so lovely to see as these are the things that we have been working on in training. I’m so proud of my players. They have been open to learning new things and applying them on the pitch.

The downside of having so many players meant reduced minutes for everyone. In hindsight, giving Georgia less time on the pitch may have cost us the win in this game. She even produced the highlight of the match when she had her back to goal and a defender on her, only to roll her by hooking the ball between her legs and put in a cross.

Alexia’s battle in midfield with their slippery number 10 was one for the ages. Both having success in the offensive and defensive sides of their games. It was this battle, though, that would prove costly for us. Camden, with a bit of nice work from their midfield to wriggle away from our press, managed to get the ball down the left-hand side of the pitch and isolate Carla 1v1. Their winger was able to get her shoulder in of Carla with a nice change of direction and drive down the touchline. With a clean cut back, she was able to find a player who calmly tucked the ball into the back of the net.

Alexia was on hand to intervene but was preoccupied by her duties to their number 10. This was poor coaching from me. My instructions going forward need to be clear. When I assign players to get touch tight to specific players on the other team, I need to make sure they understand that if there is an imminent danger of goal, they could and should step in where necessary. A poor goal to concede on our behalf, but we move on.

The first half continued at a high intensity; both teams running at each other’s defensive line and causing problems. We drew a number of good saves from their goalkeeper who, in all honesty, did not look like getting beaten.

However, after a smart save in a crowded box, Camden’s keeper tried to save the ball from going out for a corner, palming it to one of their defenders. Camden appeared to stop as they thought the ball had gone out, but we stayed sharp. Applying pressure on the defender we forced her into a poor clearance which fell at Karina’s feet for her to finish assuredly. In a somewhat ironic turn of events, we conceded a similar goal against Camden only 2 weeks beforehand. The universe finds a away to balance things out once again.

We crafted a number of good chances through excellent combination play in the last 10 minutes of the first half. Only to be thwarted, once again, by some high-level goal keeping. The reason I never ask for results from my players is because, in football, there are too many things out of our control. Their goalkeeper being amazing is certainly one of those things. Still, if we perform like that, we should get what we deserve. The half ended 1-1.

Our half time team talk was more or less a repeat of what we discussed before the game: force their central midfielder to pass the ball without getting beaten and combine with each other when we win the ball. Two things we had done relatively well in the first half, but could improve on in the second.

Camden’s goalkeeper shifted on to their frontline, where she, somehow, caused us even more problems. She managed to get past Toni on a number of occasions. Something no other players has done this season. She effectively drew us in to try and win the ball of us and then exploited the space behind us.

With her on the pitch, our two defenders were forced to cover massive amounts of space. I am truly blessed to have players such as Promise, Toni and Carla in my team. I feel like I say this every week, but the amount of space they are able to cover – even in the face of being overloaded by the opposition – is incredible. Having players like this lays the platform for us to be so aggressive up the pitch. This has made our matches chaotic. In saying that I would rather a match have goals in it than watch a cagey affair where the winner is the one who makes the least mistakes. Staying on brand with that, we may concede a few goals, but usually, we score more.

The half continued in this to and fro fashion when Camden started a counterattack down the middle of the pitch. Carla was perfectly positioned to make an interception and find Alexia ahead of her. Alexia held the ball up well and with a defender on her hip, slid in Karina 10 yards away from goal. Her first touch was perfect and she finished coolly into the bottom left corner to give us a deserved lead.

We had a number of good moments where we were able to enter the attacking third with ease but couldn’t quite fashion any good efforts at goal. That was until Karina robbed their midfielder of the ball, driving with it shoulder to shoulder with Camden’s left back, only to be tackled before she could taker her shot 10 yards out. I think the possibility of a hat trick clouded her vision, making her oblivious to Rebecca who was in acres of space on the halfway line.

After another foray forward from us which resulted in Rebecca bearing down on goal only to be tackled before being able to shoot (ugh), Camden started a counterattack of their own. They played a good pass into midfield which could have spelt trouble for us. But we were great in our efforts to get numbers back, with 5 players behind the ball.

In a series of unfortunate events where 3 consecutive 50-50s did not go in our favour, the ball landed at a Camden players foot where she took a shot from 20 yards out. Forgetting momentarily that she was a goalkeeper Hannah, tried to control the ball by jumping up and letting it ricochet off her shins. A Camden forward was able to nip and tuck it away for the equaliser.

I never underestimate how tough it is players to play outfield and in goal in one game. The mentality shift from not being able to use your hands versus the ability to do so is something which is very difficult to manage. What this game served as a reminder of was that for us to progress to the next level, we need to find a player (ideally two) that is happy to play in goal. Once we have these roles sorted out, the floor of our performances will be much higher. The game ended with a flurry of chances for both teams, but no winner.

In training we have been working on a lot (and I mean a lot) of off ball movements. This is clearly working as we are aggressive when trying to win the ball back, breaking forward quickly when we win it and suffocating teams in their own halves. We are still a bit slow in understanding where the space is when we win the ball, but that will come in time. There is a clear upwards trend in this regard which I am very proud of.

To improve, we need to have more organisation in our structure when we are trying to win the ball high up the pitch, be more decisive in our actions when we are driving forward and (hopefully) remember that we cannot pick up the ball when a teammate passes it back to us.

One thing which serves as a marker of our progress is that we are not repeating our mistakes. Every week in training we are working on the something new which builds upon the work of the week before. This is testament to the girls’ ability to absorb and implement technical and tactical information on a weekly basis.

After that performance it was hard not to feel that we should have won the game. But a win and a draw against our two toughest opponents in the early stages of the cup is nothing to begrudge. Onwards and upwards.


Again, missing a number of key players heading into this crucial league clash as aimed to keep the pressure on the U17s just ahead of us in the table. We started slow as has been the case this season, but following a change to 3 in the middle of the park, we managed to gain some control in the game despite not creating too many clear cut chances.

We were nearly made to pay, as we switched off following a break in play to treat an injury. Enfield took a quick free kick, and after working the ball down their left flank, found a player with a cut back – their only real attacking outlet of the match- before striking the post.

BFA managed to clear their lines and went right up the other end and scored a wonderful goal on the counter. Jayden Irish, playing in midfield, found Reese with a pinpoint through ball, which he ran onto, outpacing the defender to finish into the bottom corner. 1-0 at half time.

We aimed to capitalise on a clear height advantage. Within minutes of the second half, a corner from Alexey was whipped in from the left which was met by Lukas who headed home with real conviction! Two soon became three as Yotam’s fine footwork evaded a couple of defenders before dancing his way into the box to fire home.

As we aimed to see the remainder of the match out, by maintaining possession and controlling the tempo, Enfield were awarded a soft penalty. Ridon, who had been solid throughout the game, made a fine save down low to his left to keep a well deserved and hard earned clean sheet in the end. The highlight of the match. A goal at that moment in the match could have resulted in some real pressure.

Reese was our player of the match. He undoubtedly changed the game when he came on, with his rapid pace and skill causing problems for his opposite number. The fullback couldn’t keep up with his energy all game, and it paid off!

One of final weeks of training together before the break focused on maintaining relationships on and off the field. Last week of training before a well deserved rest ahead of our crucial run-in!


We headed into our last league game of the season with the title already under our belt. Missing a number of players, it was a perfect opportunity for players to get crucial minutes under their belt and stake their claim for a place in the team.

We started on the front foot, looking to combine in wide areas and create good goal scoring opportunities. We soaked up some early pressure defensively before a quick counter attack led to our first goal. Some fine footwork from Yotam to fashion himself a chance resulted in a corner, which was rifled home by Yotam when the ball eventually found the back of the net via a deflection. One soon became two, Yotam again the creator. His shot cannoning off the post with Philo on hand to tap in the rebound- after he started the move in his own half.

As we attempted to utilise the long ball and exploit the space the U17s were leaving in behind, Jaden Anderson was moved up top for his physical presence. Within moments it nearly paid dividends, as he turned his defender to fire a shot away. Minutes later, another long throw was deftly flicked on into the path of the onrushing Lukas who slotted home coolly to make it 3-0 before the break. The second half we took our foot off the gas and aimed to see the game out. Lukas added his second of the game with another clean finish to make it 4-0 and put the game to bed!

My highlight of the match was Philo’s celebration. His second goal in as many games! Lukas with his 2 goals was the standout performer. A real credit to the team with his versatility and ability to operate in a number of positions successfully.

Following a presentation about opportunities in the US, there was a session together aimed at continuing to build relationships amongst each other on and off the field. Last week of training before a well deserved break!