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Academy Match Reports


14th Mar 2024

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U7 gold boys 2 vs 7 Queens Park Sharks u8 Reds

This was a very tough game against a strong u8 side, which contained multiple pre-academy players. However, the u7s rose to the occasion well. A game which was competitive throughout, provided a physical battle unlike we’ve had this season. Despite falling behind early, heads did not drop and as a result, we were able to come away from the game proud of how we played.

Djibril crashed home off the bar from close range to keep up his excellent goal scoring form, and Adam also found the corner from distance with a great finish. The opposition manager was very complementary at the end of the game about our players, which was great to hear too! Adam Nur was our player of the match for his constant battling out of possession, bravery on the ball, and contributions to both our goals.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U7 black boys 3 vs 8 Panitas FC

A close game in which we did well to fight back from trailing 2-0, to get it back to 2-2. An excellent display in goal from Karter for the first 10 minutes was great to see. Enzo scored the first goal from close distance, before Karter received the ball, turned past one defender, skipped past the next, before slotting home to bring us back to 2-2! The moment of the match.

With no GK we conceded some unfortunate goals in the second half which made the score line a little harsher than it should have been. We went down 5-2 quite quickly into the second half, but Enzo bagged again after a great through ball from Mati. A great finish into the far corner!

Panitas scored a couple more to deny us a fightback. Ultimately a decent performance made to look worse due to not having a GK. If you know any u7s who love going in goal, please get in touch.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U8 boys 1 vs 1 Camden Borough AFC

What a game that was! We started off slow, conceding a goal after just 2 minutes. A volley from the opposition that we couldn’t stop. The game continued with a lot of intensity and numerous chances for both teams, but none found the net until the second half. Just a few minutes into the second half, Maxime recovered the ball and scored the equalizer. The game carried on with Nicolas showing calmness in goal.

Nico remained solid in defence, as always, and with an intense work effort from Jacques, Ted, Sufian, Maxime, and Rohan, who made his debut on Saturday. Everyone worked hard until reaching the penalty shootout, where unfortunately, we lost after a great performance by the opposition goalkeeper.

My highlight was the intensity that was on show throughout the game. Maxime was our player of the match, thanks to his goal and defensive work. We’ve practice how to improve our passing and translated that to different game situations. That aspect was massively improved during the game. To improve we need do replicate games situations of both attack and defence when we are outnumbered.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U9/u10 black 1 vs 2 The Voice FC

We were the more dominant side during the whole game, with more scoring chances than the opponent. We tried to build our attack from goal kicks and were able to keep the ball moving forward through both wings. Maxime and Rahmez executed the game plan well when in the centre back role, always looking for options in front of them. The wingers did well in staying with the side lines to stretch the pitch. Johan had a few 1v1 chances and glad to see him being brave and confident in taking on players.

In the second half, the boys remained positive and showed great desire in coming from behind. We could have had more chances to get the ball even closer to the box, if we made quicker decisions when controlling the ball. George scored with a fine header in the six-yard box which gave everyone confidence that we could win the game. Unfortunately, the boys were not able to maintain quality passes and the ball often got stuck in the centre area. The second goal conceded in the last minute was due to the lack of concentration on the ball. Despite this, I am very appreciative of Max and Johan goalkeeping for each half. They showed good team value and led by example.

My favourite moment was when after George received the ball from Samuel, he quickly identified the space on the left side and carried the ball to there.  With a good delivery he tried to link with Johan in the front. Although Johan was unable to make a shot, the pass was good in breaking the defence line.

Player of the match goes to George. He scored a brilliant header from a corner and also worked hard to press the opponents. We focused on keeping heads up after receiving and looking for pass options rather then dribbling in own half. And from the game, we can see that the boys were trying to apply short passes to work the ball around. These are some good habits that we are trying to cultivate. We will keep encouraging the players to play the ball through when they have chances, work hard on scanning the pitch and quick decision making to make the ball move more smoothly.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U10 gold boys 2 vs 3 London Futsal Stars

A really close game for us which unfortunately ended up with us on losing side. We had a rocky start to the game with us being a bit unsettled when we had the ball but we were able to open the scoring with a low driven strike from Teo. Our opponents scored shortly after and then this was followed with a set piece goal which Ayan guided in to make it 2-1. Unfortunately, after that we conceded from the opposition to go into half 2-2. After half time we struggled to create chances and got caught in transition. The opponent scoring to make it 3-2 which was, unfortunately, how the game ended.

My favourite moment of the game was our set piece goal which Ayan scored as it was a very unconventional finish and showed another dimension to our goal scoring game. My player of the match was Mathias as he put in a lot effort with his last-ditch tackles keeping us in the game and exhibiting the Bloomsbury values as he played.

This week we capped off our topic of forward movement and in this game it was seen in glimpses with more intelligent movement being seen from us. We can be better next week by being able to utilise our teammates more when we have the ball as we can hold on it too long which can be detrimental in certain situations. If we can hold onto to the ball less and find our teammates in good attacking positions we can take ourselves to the next level.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL academy U10 black boys 3 vs 2 European FA Gold

A really tough encounter for BFA. But, we came out on top with a really good performance. We had a really good start to this game with our press operating at a high level, especially in the first half. We opened the scoring with a really good strike from Noah just outside the box and then this was followed by a really good shot from Jake to make it 2-0. Our opposition then scored which made it 2-1 at half time.

In the second half we conceded early which levelled up the score to 2-2 but we kept creating chances soon after that and got rewarded with a goal mouth scramble. Nathan putting the ball in the back of the net to make it 3-2. Following some good saves from Ori we were able to hold on to win the game.

My favourite moment of the game was the ball progression for our third goal as we used what we been working on in training with our forward movement which showed what we’ve been working towards. My player of the match is Ori as he was very resilient throughout the game. Even though he conceded two, he made some really crucial saves to keep us in the game.

This week we capped off our topic of forward movement which I felt impacted how we played with our movement especially with thinking about where we were moving off the ball which helped us attack and create a lot of chances. We can improve with how we approach transitions whether we are defending or attacking them and how we can use them to our advantage if we can add this to our game we can progress further as a team.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U11 black boys 5 vs 1 BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U10 gold boys

Even though a lot of these players had some experience of 9v9 games this was a historic moment for the team! Could they transfer their unbeaten season when playing 7v7 into a 9v9 game? The U10 team themselves were no slouches with their gaffer detailing his confidence in the team and how they would be playing and the game demonstrated that. At the start, the U10 team were keeping possession well, moving it around and getting some early corners. Rex wasn’t tested but the U11s couldn’t quite get into their rhythm.

But then we started to play – Fallon chasing down some loose passes at the back and winning the ball to set up chances for Marlei and Edgar. This gave the U11s confidence and they started to keep the ball better, moving it around and having more opportunities in the final third. The breakthrough came through Edgar receiving a set from Fallon and putting a left footed shot into the corner of the net. The chances continued with Marlei having several efforts saved from the edge of the box. But just before half time it was 1-1, the U10 striker being played through and showed great composure to round the keeper and put the ball into the net.

At half time we spoke about showing determination to win the game and put in a performance. We knew the U10s would tire playing on a bigger pitch and so we had to take our chances especially when winning the ball high. Even though the U10s kept the ball well and moved it about, the chances were coming for the U11s. Marlei, Edgar and Fallon found themselves with opportunities to score, but it was Marlei who got the next goal. Cutting in from the right and putting it in the bottom corner – get him to intellectual property office to lock in that trademark!

After a valiant effort from the U10s the goals kept coming for the U11s. Christian bagging from a rebounded shot and Marlei scoring again, this time from Fallon winning the ball off the defender high up the pitch. The scoring was completed after Amir set up Chris to poke the ball into the corner of the net. Congratulations to all – a thoroughly entertaining game and a great experience for both teams!

In their first 9v9 fixture as a team, my highlight was seeing how hard they worked on and off the ball! Everyone could see how much it meant to them especially on the final whistle! Lachlan Turner was our player of the match. A tough decision between Lachlan and Fallon but Lachlan edges it! Tenacity, desire and all round quality in his new found position.

In training there was a big focus was attacking transitions – in the second half we won the ball high up a lot and scored from these instances three times. To improve we need to make sure to keep the ball better in the first half especially. When we kept possession we were so much better.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U12 gold boys 6 vs 2 United youth

And breathe. What a game, what a turnaround, what stress! After what was probably my hardest week in coaching and certainly our toughest as a team, the reaction in the second half was so so satisfying.

Given the context, it was an understandably tense start. There was confusion as United Youth had purportedly folded. It was supposed to be a friendly (what even is a friendly in football?!).  Then last week, our two starting centre-mids out…To start, we were passing the ball around, but lacked conviction to play beyond their second line. Then lacked bravery to pick up the ball in dangerous positions or dynamically separate to receive. United Youth’s striker—conveniently also United Dragons and Whetstone Wanderers star man—slotted in firmly to take the lead, before an unfortunate own goal made it 2-0.

The vibes were truly awful. Heads were gone and we were tentative. However, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Oli DB, back from injury, stepped up when we needed him most—when we needed a hero! After what can only be described as a half-time masterclass in emotional intelligence and spiritual healing from the gaffer, the boys were revitalised and ready to go to war. A penalty converted by Oli DB then started an onslaught. Rounding the keeper, chipping the ball, top bins, toe-pokes (the highlight of the match)—you name it, Oli finished it. Half the goals were greeted with laughter-filled astonishment at the man’s talent. To think he ever doubted himself is utterly unthinkable. Congratulations young man! 6 second half goals!

Above all else, however, it was the reaction of the entire team that was so pleasing to see. We were front-footed, brave, aggressive and everything that football should be. With everything that had gone on—injuries, recent results,  heart-ache—I’m incredibly proud of the boys for their character and fight. Tougher tests lie ahead, but we’ll keep on grinding and using these experiences to bond us tighter as a group. Well done lads!

In training we’d worked on switching and using the width of the pitch to access the centre. Still work to be done, as we struggled to use these as solutions to their mid-block.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U13 girls 8 vs 1 Omonia White

Bloomsbury started strong and immediately controlled the game. 1 minute in Ela scored in the bottom left corner after a brilliant ball from Jet. Persistent pressure from Bloomsbury saw a few more attacks in quick succession that narrowly avoided the back of the net. The opposition managed to find  space in the Bloomsbury defence and attacked but Janet made an amazing save that denied them. 8 minutes in and Abi plays a good corner into the box and Kitty hits the ball into the back of the net after a goalkeeper deflection.

12 minutes in and a brilliant 1-2 between Jet and Ela is finished off with a great shot past the keeper from Jet. 21 minutes in and Kitty goes around a defender and slots Bloomsbury’s 4th goal into the bottom right corner. 26 minutes in and Jet grabs another goal after an amazing passage of build of play that started from Eleanor who played it to Ella, who avoids a tackle and plays the ball to Jet. Jet then played a 1-2 with Abi and breezed past the defence to score the games 5th.

2 minutes later and Bloomsbury get a corner that Abi plays into the box. The ball hits a defender before Jet scores her third of the game. An amazing passage of play from Bloomsbury that comes after a super clearance from Janet. The clearance found Jet who played the ball around a defender and then played a good ball across the box to Janet who’s shot is saved.

The opposition managed to find space and grabbed a goal however the Bloomsbury girls continued to work hard, controlling the rest of the game. 44 minutes in and some good play from Bloomsbury on the wing is finished by an opposition own goal. Another amazing passage of play from Bloomsbury saw Ella score a brilliant finish into the bottom left corner.

My highlight was the team chemistry that really showed through this game as the whole team celebrated every goal and really encouraged and supported one another. Players players of the match was Kitty for her non stop running and 2 goals. Coaches player of the match was Abi for incredible midfield performance. She controlled the game and assisted quite a few goals.

This week we worked on more shooting and communication which clearly transferred excellently into the game. Next week we need to make sure we check our shoulders when defending as at times we lose defenders.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U13 girls 1 vs 2 LFS

Bloomsbury started the game strong and were stringing some solid passes together to advance up the pitch. 12 minutes in and Jet ran through the opposition defence and laid it off to Emily who slams the ball in the top corner to put the score at 1-0 to BFA. The opposition then managed to grab a goal back to put the score at 1-1. The girls continued to push and work hard in tough conditions with an opposition player being rather physical the entire game and catching BFA players on more than one occasion.

However the girls didn’t let this affect them and kept playing football the way they know how and were unlucky to not score another goal. The last 5 minutes of the game was high intensity with both teams really pushing for a goal, and with 10 seconds to go the opposition grabbed a goal to beat BFA 2-1.

My highlight was the way the team rallied behind each other when the opposition were being physical. Players of the match were Jet and Emily for their non-stop running all across the pitch and for their incredible link up play that led to Bloomsbury’s goal of the game. This week we worked on shooting and communication which helped the girls vocalise more on the pitch and to focus on shooting from reasonable areas. Next week we need to follow our runners and talk about who’s markings who during throw in and corners.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U13 black boys 0 vs 4 Woodys & Ebogs

A rainy Sunday morning against a tough opposition away. We knew that our job once again was not easy, since we had a lot of players missing and some others had to play in a position that they are not familiar or comfortable with. The match started and it was obvious that we were struggling to play because the pitch was in a really bad shape, but we were still trying to play good football. The opposition was strong and created a lot of chances but so did we. They managed to score around 15 minutes into the match from a shot inside the box. We tried to equalize and had plenty of chances, but unfortunately we were not able to score. We missed a lot of 1v1s against their goalkeeper and many of our shots were on target but their goalie was able to save them. HT score 1-0.

During half-time the players were instructed to aim the for corners when it comes to their finishing and encouraged to keep up the good work. The second half went bad pretty fast for us. The opposition had way more chances than us and were threatening us a lot. Our goalkeeper was exceptional and managed to save most of the shots.

A few minutes into the second half the opposition scored a second goal and found a third one as well a 5 minutes later. Our team kept their heads up and tried even more to find a goal, but unfortunately once again we were unable to score. We kept missing a lot of chances and we were not clinical in the final third. In the last minutes of the game, the opposing team managed to score again with a great strike, thus making the final 4-0.

After the match the players were praised for their efforts and were reminded to keep their shape in possession and try to be as clinical as possible in the final third. Their performance was really good, given the circumstances and for that we are proud. Up the Blooms!

My favourite moment would be after the match, where all the players were discussing the positives and negatives of the match. These 5 minutes are enough to reflect on our performance and see what areas we can improve going on to the next match! In my opinion, player of the match is Elias. Elias is our third goalkeeper who recently joined our club. This was his first match of the season and he did an incredible job. He saved many shots and even won most of the 1v1s against the opposition.

In this week’s training, we talked about our shape and our positioning, and where the players should be. The analysis helped players to understand better what their role is and the responsibilities that come with it, and also it gave them the ability to see things from our perspective, such as why we play this specific formation, what are the positives, and playing out from the back. We have to be more clinical, because we keep wasting chances. The quality of our football is decent and now it is time for us to focus and improve our finishing, so we can start getting more positive results.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL foundation U13 boys 3 vs 2 Camden Town Youth

A very strong performance, in which we pressed well, and defended solidly too! Dealing with long balls and distances between our defensive lines has been an issue for us, but we have worked on this and now look better for it. The fiercer pressure we have on the ball, also means we have to face less long balls and can force higher turnovers. We also implemented this very well at the weekend, leading to multiple chances.

We started off strong and were rewarded with a 2-0 lead. Adam carried the ball from midfield, delivered a perfect cross to the back post for Noah to volley home, a sensational goal.

In the second half, Abel doubled our lead to keep his goal scoring form up, a breakaway goal, and a snapshot finish which the keeper could not do enough to prevent. Some lapses of concentration meant we lost our lead, very much against the run of play. 2-2 with 10 minutes to play. But, we set the record straight. Abel ran through on goal after Toby played him in from defence, lifting his shot past the keeper to secure a well earned 3-2 victory.

Player of the match was Kallias for his contributions offensively and defensively, great runs up the wing with and without the ball, didn’t get beaten once 1v1. Excellent performance and great addition to the squad.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U14 girls 0 vs 1 Highbury Wolves Hawks

Our first cup match of the season was a very equally fought battle. Although the opposition had more shots in the first half Shola kept us in it and we were out playing them in the second half. Shola’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and she received players player of the match! Tara really grew into the game and when she came into a central midfield role, she was everywhere in the second half. Laura had a brilliant game as well, always tracking back to help out when we didn’t have the ball and Gabby in defence took on everything we were saying doing well to mark strong players out of the game.

O’miya thrived as striker and put herself in dangerous positions. We were unlucky not to get a goal – especially when O’miya came sliding in when trying to reach a cross from Laura! Marwa came close too, hitting the post and also worked well with Muzique to keep us in it in defence. The goal came in the second half after some skill play from the opposition.

My favourite moment was when Janet shot from almost the half way line and narrowly missed the top right corner – I actually dropped to my knees! What a rocket it would have been. We had two games at the same time so I had the amazing James to help me out! He said at the end we were the unluckiest team he’d ever seen and together we chose Muzique as our coaches player of the match! Muzique put an incredible shift in defence, she calmly dispossessed players and took the ball forward to start an attack.

We were communicating a lot more and encouraged each other more too! This meant we were working hard for each other. We’ve got to get back to crossing and shooting drills to make sure we score more goals!

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U14 boys 5 vs 8 BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U15 boys

It was excellent to see how the boys coped against an older age group. Despite a tough end, for the majority of the game, we were technically excellent, dogged, and hard-working as we took a 5-2 lead before the 60th minute. Running out of steam, the U15 boys showcased strong finishing as they dominated the end. To put on a strong performance against an older age group, physically, technically and psychologically was a fantastic indicator of the progress made. We’ve had to overcome many obstacles, but in 2024, the boys are reaping the rewards that their effort and quality deserve.

My highlight f the match was the fourth goal and celebration. It was a fantastic goal, showcasing how much we’ve improved. Starting in our box, we patiently played the ball out into midfield where Jack Orbell received it under pressure. As he took the ball to his left, he played an excellent trivela pass into Yacine Gharouz, who travelled inside from the left wing, played a great ball into Rubens Baron who slotted it into the back of the net. Our ability to receive the ball under pressure along with excellent progressive decision-making making was fantastic to see, and the team celebrated together, as it was arguably one of the best goals we have scored this season.

Yacine Gharouz was the player of the match. A constant threat throughout the game. On the ball, he was extremely difficult to dispossess and off the ball, his work rate was excellent. His quality of dribbling was excellent and his quality of passing created a whole host of chances. He has been excellent this season.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U17 boys 5 vs 0 Los Campos

For the semi-final of the Market road cup we faced off against Los Campos. Having played them twice already we knew their strengths and weaknesses. They are a very direct and physical side. We would have to stand up to that if we had any chance of making the final. The game started with both teams a bit nervy, you could tell there is a lot at stake here.

All of a sudden Bilal finds space and receives the ball, he finds Dillon out wide who shoots and finds the bottom corner. 1-0 Blooms!! It’s just what we needed to help settle the nerves. We start to really press well and that’s making Los Campos uncomfortable. They result to just kicking the ball long. Later on, Bilal finds Saul who drives into space and shoots but hits the post. The resulting corner from Bilal is cleared.

We lose the ball in midfield and their no.11 drives forward with it and shoots just wide. Midway into the half Oscar finds Saul who drives in to the box, he’s 1 vs 1 with the keeper but his shot is saved. Tom plays to Andrea from the back, who plays a beautiful diagonal to Oscar who heads home. 2-0 Blooms! The highlight of the match which out us in control of the game.

The second half begins and Los Campos step up the tempo, their no 11 is fouled and they win a free kick midway into our half. The no.10 steps up but it’s comfortably saved by Tom. We lose the ball again in midfield, their no.11 sprints down the line and crosses into the box. A vital clearance by Jacques as there’s 2 players free. We weather the early storm and start to play, Oscar finds Bilal who shoots but its saved for a corner. Bilal whips the corner in and its cleared, its falls to Jacques but he shoots wide.

Midway into the half, the ball is launched forward, the keeper misses it and if falls to Bilal, he finds Oscar who shoots home to make it 3-0 Blooms!! Last 10 of the semi-final to go, we are keeping the ball well and controlling the game. Bilal has the ball out wide, he finds Oscar who shoots to make it 4-0 Blooms!! His hat trick goal! We win a free-kick with a few minutes to go, it’s just past the half way line. Tom steps up and lashes it bottom corner!! What a strike!! Its 5-0 Blooms!! We are into another final!!!!!

Andrea was our player of the match for being solid at the back and an amazing assist. In training we worked on keeping the ball and we did so very well during the game.  To improve we need to practice more game related scenarios.

BLOOMSBURY FOOTBALL Academy U17 boys 6 vs 2 Regents Park

BFA came into this crunch clash, a cup semi final against Regents Park, raring to go. We showed our attacking intent from minute one, as Luke was played through on goal before he inexplicably tried to play in Cosmas for an easy tap in when it probably would’ve been easier to score himself. This was a sign of things to come however as the opening 20 minutes saw a barrage of attacks on the Regents Park goal and only due to some poor finishing, as well as numerous saves from the opposition keeper, the scores remained locked level at 0-0.

We rang a couple of changes midway through the first half which helped us maintain control and increase our attacking tempo with fresh legs on the field. The breakthrough eventually came following a really positive period in possession. Alexey found space on the left before cutting in to fire home a strong strike into the bottom corner.

One soon became two as Luke rounded off a superb team goal, getting his head onto the end of a cross following more phenomenal build up play. The highlight of the match and one of the moves of the season! The second half was more of the same. We were relentless from the restart with both Luke and Alexey soon bagging braces before substitute Lukas added another with everyone seemingly keen on getting on the scoresheet. As the game was seemingly put to bed, we allowed Regents Park too much time and space on the ball in the closing minutes, as they found two late consolation goals.

With no match on Sunday it was a good opportunity for the team to get some much needed pitch time together and the comradery showed once again this week! The team is in a good moment where they trust and support each other and are playing, not for themselves, but for their teammates.

Luke was our player of the match. Big match player rounded off a wonderful team effort, leading from the front! In training we focused on combination in central areas of the pitch, looking to link up play with our midfielder and forwards and continued our element of reactions in transitions which helped our shape out of possession. Next week we will be looking forward to a positive training session focused on preparation for the big games up ahead.