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Academy Match Reports

Determination to Tackle 2022

12th Jan 2022


Bloomsbury Gold U11 4-4 Langley Youth FC U11 

After a slow start, going down 2-0 in the first 10 minutes, the team really started picking up the pace and competing for every ball. Going 20 mins without conceding a shot on target, dominating possession, and creating chances, the boys were unfortunate to concede a goal despite their efforts. Just before halftime, conceding a third made the mountain even bigger. However, the boys never lost hope and were pumped and determined to get back in the game. But this was the worst possible start, going 4-0 down within the first minute of the second half. However, the comeback was even more improbable. A risk was needed to be taken as a change to a 2-4-2, a term perfect for the occasion, ‘time to throw the kitchen sink at it’ is how it would be described. The change resulted in an incredible push. Tristan Turner was vital in the build-up and execution of rifles a strike within the box at the keeper, with Freddie Littner pouncing on the rebound. His penalty miss only pushed him to work even harder, getting a well-deserved goal for his incredible effort. But he wasn’t finished there. Another strike only minutes after got the team back to 4-2. Halfway to overturning the deficit. A response like this, after missing a penalty is absolutely immense, and a massive credit to a truly brilliant player, Freddie, Well done! 

The second goal provided a massive boost for the team. Noah Conway on the receiving end of a brilliant through ball, and a great bit of movement, toe poked the ball into the bottom corner after the keeper quickly came in to sweep, but Noah put the team within touching distance of a truly improbable comeback. 10 minutes left of the game, Archie Alberts pounces in what was a goalmouth scramble, bundles the ball across the line, and completes a surreal comeback. But the reaction next was truly great to see, every player in the box rushed to grab the ball to restart the game. This unreal level of hunger and desire is a truly great characteristic of this team, they refuse to stop, and give up. Within the final 10 minutes, the boys kept pushing for the win, refusing to settle for a point, but all effort was in vain as the final whistle blew. However, the team showed one final piece of truly remarkable football, as well as a great work rate and desire. 

As Langley were on a counterattack, with the Bloomsbury defence left in an overload with tired legs, Rupert Robinson chases back the opposition box, all the way back to our defensive third, puts in a last-ditch slide tackle to deny the Langley striker who was inches away from a 1v1. A moment that had his teammates, and the crowd cheering. On such a tough day, on a tough pitch with adverse weather, the performance was simply out of this world. 

A slow start and inadequate finishing is something we will be working on this season. However the team have pure heart, desire, and determination. An incredible performance which deserved a win. This match shows that there is much to work on, but this team is in a great place to become immensely strong.

Bloomsbury Gold U7 vs Formula U8

The boys showed fantastic battling spirit despite the difficult fixture. They continued to battle as a team and showed a good demonstration of what they have learnt, all that was missing was the finishing touch.

Bloomsbury Gold U7 vs Academy FC 

Ayman Mechik has a fantastic ability to not only play a pass but to play a correct pass that successfully led to attacks and ultimately goals. The team showed a great display of the learning over the course of the week as well as a good display of the teams comprehension of previous learning. 

After falling behind very early on, the boys showed fantastic determination in order to come back and win the game. This was as a result of the boys working together successfully as a team with many attempts at combination play being achieved, thus transforming the theme of the week into a game. 

Bloomsbury Black U7 vs Adamant Lions U7 

It was really impressive to see the many attempts of trying to play as a team to create opportunities to score. It was great to see the entire group work so hard to achieve the win with lots of goals scored, but more importantly lots of happy faces throughout enjoying their football. Rocca and Ellias were especially good at trying to apply their learning by attempting lots of different passes to teammates, including short and long. 

All of the players and parents were very happy with a win to start 2022. 

Bloomsbury White U7/8 vs ProTouch SA U8

Princess Ava and Mila worked really well together when getting the ball up the field as well as getting past players and attacking the space.  

It was impressive that the girls never gave up and they had positive attitudes after the match making sure everyone was okay and making everyone feel like they did a good job. Another good pointer is that they now understand that from a goal kick the defenders spread out wide to the line and attackers can be an option in the middle which was impressive to see. Overall, there were positive spirits even though it was pouring down with rain!

Bloomsbury White U7/8 vs Sport London e Benfica U8

As a team they all defended and tracked back really well even if it was a long sprint for them to get back. Additionally, they used all their power to block the ball or throw the attackers off. There are a few things to work on such as learning to support each other while on the attack and not passing it backwards as a lot of the goals were from kicking the ball backwards towards our goal instead of the opponents. Mila told the girls after the match to keep their heads up and stay positive as they have so many more matches to win which was good to hear. 

Bloomsbury Gold U8 vs London Soccer Status U8

Mathias and Tommy very much kept the score line down in the first half with their defensive performances. Tommy filling in for goalkeeper wasn’t an ideal scenario, however he came up with a string of fantastic saves and was always looking to build attacks when in possession of the ball whether from goal-kicks or after a claim. In front of him was Mathias who approached every tackle with conviction in order to ensure the team regained possession. When in possession he beat opponents when required, and 9 times out of 10 was able to pick out a pass after as well, demonstrating great decision making. 

The extremely damp and cold conditions, as well as the fact it was their first game back post-Xmas, could be the reasons for a slow start, however the boys have set very high standards for themselves due to their fantastic performances in previous fixtures so far this season. Movement was non-existent which very much meant that passes made were longer than required. This was disappointing as the boys had worked on combinations this week at training. That being said, the second half performance was a whole lot better and of the standard the team play to week in-week out. The boys moved into clever spaces both after playing passes or looking to get onto the ball and made simpler passes as a result which allowed more combinations to occur. This meant they created more chances that the team took with aplomb. Next week’s aim is to start as they mean to go on, on the front foot. 

The boys very much showed two sides of themselves before, during and after the game. 2/6 players were not convinced a win would come both pre-match and at half-time which was not great to hear. This team have done so well this season, and every single player in the squad has contributed to that in a variety of ways. As a collective, they should approach games with a confidence that they will win, and that has been present before the majority of the fixtures this season.  This confidence should return again, as lack of it does affect performances.

Bloomsbury Gold U8 vs MGA U8

Marcelo led the way with demonstrating this week’s theme and topic. Playing in defence throughout the game, he built attacks superbly with carefully selected passes and when presented with ‘traffic’ in front of him, looked to recycle the ball effectively in order to retain possession. 

Unlike their earlier game, the boys started the game with aplomb, racing into a 5-goal lead at half-time. Very much contrasting to their previous fixture, it was an over confidence that began to sink in and therefore allow the other team to get back into the game with silly mistakes being made, mainly from what is usually very productive build-up from our goalkeeper. Nonetheless, it was pleasing to see the combination play the team worked on during the week applied within a competitive situation. 

Bloomsbury Black U8 vs Crouch End Vampires U8

From the second he stepped foot onto the pitch, Nico did not stop running. He ran his socks off for the team in order to win the ball back and progress forward, combining well with his teammates in order to create numerous chances in a very close first half. His performance in the second half very much contributed to the result both in terms of saves made and fantastic distribution from front to back. 

Coming back to earn a draw is no mean feat, and although it required some fantastic saves to be made from our second half goalkeepers (Nico and Robert), the boys thoroughly deserved the result. Actions paint a thousand words and the huge smiles and cheers and jumps for joy go to show how ecstatic the boys were to earn a result after the hard work they all put in to earn it. Every single player worked hard both in and out of possession and proved that hard work does pay off. A mark has been set for the new year, and now the challenge is to turn draws into wins. 

Bloomsbury Gold U9 vs Soccerscool U9

It was really impressive to see the entire age group and their application of combining in any third to progress to the next. The final third was clinical, and the boys created lots of opportunities, especially George and Kurt who both secured hattricks. 

The team was very alert and showed great understanding of the learning applied in the week. They showed high levels of learning with application of the weeks theme and topic.

Bloomsbury U10 Gold vs PFA U10

Oli and Zac both demonstrated this week’s theme and topic with their wonderful short-corner combination play that lead to the first goal, both continued to place the opposition under pressure for the remainder of the game, forcing multiple errors. Vanya was the man of the match after he showcased his physical ability in advantageous ways, creating a variety of problems for the opposition and retaining the ball when under pressure, alongside scoring a fantastic solo run from the defence. Morley’s positioning in all areas of the pitch was fantastic, always making sure that he was in space to receive the ball and to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. Jorge had a fairly quiet game due to the domination from the outfield players, however, when needed, he stepped up and ensured that any attacks were smothered, making some excellent saves in the process. Archie demonstrated brilliant defensive positioning and awareness, cutting out any potential attacks early on before the opposition had a chance to pick up momentum. Samuel had a solid game in the midfield, adapted well to the wing-back position when played there, and managed to grab himself two goals as a result of good attacking positioning. Yili again showed his versatility, creating problems for the opposition all over the pitch, and grabbing himself a well-deserved goal with a clinical finish into the opposite corner of the goal. 

The players agreed that at half-time, when 3-1 up, they needed to continue with the intensity they had in the first half and getting complacent now would likely lead to conceding more goals. This was then perfectly reflected by their playing style in the second half. 

An excellent team performance to kick off the new year, every player put in a great shift and gave it their all till the final whistle. Some great examples of combination plays in the game, often leading to great goal scoring opportunities, several of which were converted. The whole squad demonstrated excellent pressing, completely dominating the game, and forcing lots of errors from the opposition. The team’s ability to win the ball back high up the pitch and create chances whilst the opposition were disorganised was the deciding factor in this game. An excellent result, with the score-line reflecting the performance.

Bloomsbury U13 10-1 European Football Academy U13

It was clear to see that all players from both sides had been away from the pitch for a while over Christmas, with just one training session since mid-December. The first quarter was cagey and scrappy, with neither team creating clear chances, and many misplaced passes. It was Archie Gould who broke the deadline after 15 minutes when he guided the ball home, via a slight deflection off the European FA defender, to put Bloomsbury 1-0 up. The second quarter was equally scrappy with neither team taking a hold of the game, though our opposition did put one effort narrowly passed the post, following a quiet half for Orhan in goal. 

Half-time was an opportunity to change the tactics, moving to a 3 at the back and enforcing a high press put European FA under pressure in their first third. This proved to be an effective approach almost immediately, as Bloomsbury scored their second through Simon, who beat the goalkeeper from inside the box. A third came soon after through Jake Cameron, who finished with his right foot, with Simon taking the assist on this occasion. At this stage, having found a way to break down the opposition, the floodgates opened, and it was goals galore! The fourth was an own goal following a cross from the right, unfortunately rebounding off the helpless EFA defender, before a second similar own goal, converting Khalid’s cross! A lapse in concentration saw European FA break away and a lack of patience when making a challenge inside the box led to a penalty, which hit the post but fell straight back to the despairing taker who tucked it home for 5-1. Straight back up the other end and it was Joèl with his first goal of the day, a reward for his incredible work rate, chasing down every lost ball throughout the day. Tired legs were kicking in for EFA as the ref blew to begin the final quarter and four further goals followed. The first of these came from Joe Barron, a well-deserved goal having moved out of the defensive position that he knows so well, pouncing on a loose ball from the goalkeeper. Joe also scored the 9th of the day, but not before Joèl had his second, powerfully converting into the top right corner. In the final minutes of the game, Bloomsbury were still pressing high up the pitch, seemingly desperate for double figures, and Jake Cameron took the opportunity to make it 10 within seconds of coming back on the pitch. 

At half-time, many of the players were frustrated with their own performance, but they showed character to keep fighting and turn the game around – Positivity is a Bloomsbury value and this was displayed in abundance, particularly when things weren’t going their way! 

It was impressive to see the entire team listening and adapting to the new tactics enforced at each interval. It required intense focus to understand their roles and many players were challenged in new positions and formations, but every player showed a positive attitude towards this, and they were rewarded with the second half goals. 

A special mention must go to Joel Goodgame, who didn’t get on the scoresheet but started many attacks from the middle of the pitch, playing delicate through balls and driving forward, not to mention his tireless work rate. Khalid showed a similarly impressive attitude throughout, intercepting passes and playing forward, displaying the topic for this week in exemplary fashion. 

Bloomsbury U14 2-4 Henley Lions U14

Saturday was a day often described in the world of football as ‘one of those days’. Turning up to Henley, the team was enthused and ready to develop on their recent form. However, it ended up being a day where the boys couldn’t get into their rhythm. The centre of the pitch in particular was as close to unplayable as possible. The midfielders gave it their all to make the most of it, but ultimately couldn’t manage well enough to capitalise. A huge well done to Timothy in goal, as it was a very tough day, but he ultimately didn’t put a foot wrong and couldn’t do anything about the goals. 

Josh managed to score first finishing off a superb ball which actually put the team on the front foot. However, since then the good fortunes ended as the boys were slipping and sliding everywhere unable to put influence on the game. They gave it their all but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Bloomsbury U15 vs Camden Elite

Another match the boys lost from their own mistakes. After managing to score first, an individual error before half time cost them a goal. The boys didn’t take their chances and the opponent punished them in return. However, Saul De Botton performed extraordinary well, winning all of his individual battles while being really efficient in the attacking third. 

Oscar Cameron highlighted that the team “need to learn from our mistakes” and they aim to change to improve for their next match.

Bloomsbury U15 2-8 The Eight FC

Really frustrating loss for Bloomsbury. Conceding two easy goals in the first 6 minutes cost them the game. The boys didn’t start bright and that’s why they got punished. After a few chances in the second half to get back into the game, the boys were unlucky to not manage to score. 

Ale Salford joined the team from the U14s and had a really solid performance throughout the whole game. He was always demanding the ball and was energetic. He had a huge impact as a striker as he assisted both of the goals. Ale Salford explained that it was “a game to forget. We are going to work on our negatives to improve in the next couple of weeks.”

Bloomsbury U16 2-4 Enfield U16

The team started a bit slow, missing numerous passes. Due to this, the opposition controlled most of the first half and scored their first one early on. Bloomsbury switched from a 4-1-4-1 to a 3-6-1 to attempt to control the midfield and have passing options. The switch made the team better, but some players weren’t able to cope with the opposition’s individual quality and physical strength. A few individual/roles changes were made to balance the team in comparison with the opposition. Most changes helped the team improve, but unfortunately the boys weren’t able to score more goals. 

Dylan Summerhayes had a great performance at the game. He started as a left centre back and was later moved to left centre midfielder where he was able to give the team switching options and time for them to transition from defence to offense.