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Academy Match Reports

Finishing the Season Strong

18th May 2023

Featured Fixture
Bloomsbury girls U10 vs PSA

So many key moments in this match!

From an incredible last ditch game saving tackles from Piper, Alex and Lila to wonderful goals from Mila, Bakita and Anne, this was a very exciting game. The whole team put in a performance to be proud of.

The girls came from behind at 3-1 and scored 3 goals in the last 5 minutes to win the game 5-3. Noa, our captain showed excellent composure to keep the team motivated even when we were losing. The most intense moment of the game was when Mila and Anne had just scored excellent counter attacking goals to put us in the lead 4-3 and the other team began an attack. They had just subbed a player on who looked dangerous and keen to spoil the party for us. Bakita in goal sprang into action and pulled off a double save to keep us in the game. The next minute Anne scored again to safely put the game to bed. Wow! Poppy also had a great spell in goal too and was the definition of 110% energy when she was outfield. Everyone took in the coaching points at half time and gave more than we could have imagined.

Piper was player of the match for excellently timed tackles in defence and a big shout out to Alex who had a great game too, bringing the ball forward more than once after tackling the player. We will be making sure we are switched on from the warmup, so we don’t have to come back from losing to win!



Bloomsbury boys U8 vs FC Marylebone

The boys played in a variety of positions which presented its own challenges, coming up against physical players. The boys didn’t back down from the challenge and played to the best of their ability!

Player of the match goes to Charlie who was ready and raring to go during the warmup and gave it his all on the pitch! He showed off his excellent ball mastery skills and defensive work rate to win the ball back. We can improve by players attending training more consistently to give them more contact time on the pitch with the ball at their feet.



Bloomsbury boys U9 Gold vs The Vale

In this quarter final cup game, Tommy made some superb saves in goal and kept the team confident. Franco was spectacular in midfield, scanning his back and playing a step forward from the opposition midfielder, making him the king of interceptions. When he won the ball back, he straight away decided where to play and create opportunities for the team play ahead sharing the ball into the wings to create time and space!

We have been working on playing from the back during the last couple of months. When we had a goal kick in our favour the boys knew the shape they needed to adapt in order to create gaps in the opposition. Our goals were built from the back and nearly all players had a touch on the ball before it hit the back of the net!  The midfielders and forwards are starting to understand the movements they need to make in order to have more success finishing and sharing the ball.

We will be starting next session with our minds on what we need to improve on individually and as a team, learning how and when to prioritise a little bit of ball mastery in our first touch to attack the free space ahead.



Bloomsbury boys U9 Black vs Bloomsbury boys U9 Gold

These boys came out with a bang! As soon as the game started they were battling as they knew this would be a hard game. This moment showed that they can do anything they put their minds to, and they know what to do under the pressure of a semi-final!

The best moment was the first goal. The boys passed the ball around using one and two touch passes which got the ball to Gustave who made a brilliant pass to Noah who had moved out to find space and placed it in the bottom corner. Player of the match was impossible to choose. The whole team made everyone so proud and even after the went 6-1 down they were still fighting to get the goals they deserve which they did and scored another two! Movement off and on the ball is an area we can work on. The boys need to learn when the right time is to pass and what’s the right time to dribble. Sometimes, they were running into danger because their decision making was off so we will be working on this!



Bloomsbury boys U10 Gold vs Pro Touch

We started quickly and closed down the opposition to score early goals. The team played brilliantly and worked hard for each other in a very physical second half. Kurt played brilliantly in this game, passed the ball really well and looked to get shots on goal earning him player of the match. The players used counter attacking in certain moments to then get a chance at goal. We will look to continue to improve our strength and work rate for each other in the game.



Bloomsbury boys U10 Black vs Bloomsbury boys U10 Foundation

We scored a goal very early on in the match thanks to brilliant pressing by Lachlan and Santiago. This was great to see. Even though we didn’t finish off the moves, there were a couple of outstanding pass and move sequences which resulted to a shot on goal.

Player of the match Santiago scored a brilliant hat-trick and overall had a strong game in a variety of positions. When we were able to win the ball back in the oppositions half, we were then able to counterattack on them effectively. Our two defenders will be tighter together to not leave a large gap which the opposition can attack through.



Bloomsbury boys U14 1-4 Chelsea Advanced Development

It was brilliant to get this team out on the pitch playing again. With a big absence of games, this age group needed a game under their belts. Having new players within the age group was a struggle at first for the players to get to know each other, but throughout the game positive signs appeared for this age group.

Leo played in a variety of positions to a high quality. He was able to execute the instructions given, helping the team out with his performance. Building on this game, the aim is to get more players to consistently attend training to prepare for the upcoming tournaments.