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Academy Match Reports

Reinvigorated & relentless

2nd Nov 2023

Bloomsbury Football Academy U11 gold boys 2 vs 3 APB Wingate Rams

We competed well at the beginning of the game with with Edgar scoring an excellent long range effort, my moment of the match. The opposition grew into the game, playing some great football which saw the, score twice in quick succession.  I was proud of how the team then reacted and fought back into the game. We displayed true grit and determination to get our second goal as Deniro rounded the keeper and slotted the ball in. The second half was a battle with both teams showing hard work and endeavour! We were unlucky not to have a penalty, having a number of shots blocked!

Unfortunately, they managed to score from a free kick to make it 3-2. As this team is now in the top U11 league, it will take time to adapt. But we aren’t far off at all and I have every confidence that we will get back to winning ways.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U12 Gold boys 3 vs 0 London colney colts

A cagey 1st half affair saw a lot of good build up from Bloomsbury, but an inability to capitalise on some good moments of saw us invite some pressure.  Forcing us to  weather a bit of a storm. Alas, enter Mr Yacine Ababsa. On just his second official appearance as a Gold team player, boy did the kid dazzle. Picking the ball up around the half-way line, Yacine ducked and dived his way through four opposition players before calmly slotting it home. The highlight of the match, just as Coach Milo had drawn it up. Advantage Bloomsbury.

A key moment in the match came early in the second half. An interesting interpretation of what constitutes ‘interfering with play’ resulted in a possible offside decision not given and Bloomsbury with a 4v1 opportunity, which we then converted. Credit to Maxi, who was alert enough to capitalise on the opportunity and Elijah, who then converted. A bright presence throughout the game, Elijah was unfortunately unable to repeat this feat later on in the half.

More chances ensued, including an expert counter-attack straight off the training ground! A possession regain saw lighting fast reactions from Maxi and Eduardo bombing on forward, the latter fortuitously controlling a long-ball on his backside before the former calmly slotted home after rounding the keeper. A goal and an assist for Maxi cemented a top performance, but Yacine takes the MOTM accolade for this one – not just for his goal, but tireless work in midfield and numerous nutmegs. Congratulations, and welcome to the Gold team!

This weeks training was evident as we saw a counter-attacking goal and some good delayed defending. Not engaging with the opposition, engaging the space. We varied our tempo, particularly after beating the press, to attack and create more goal-scoring opportunities.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U12 Gold boys 3 vs 0 United Youth

They may be United in name, but my god did they look divided as we tore through them time and time again. How this finished 3-0 I will never know. To say I was disappointed with scoring just 3 goals would be like saying Boris Johnson tells lies, or that Pep’s a great manager. Like yeah, obviously. It’s honestly hard to recall many memories from the game other than attack, after attack, after attack. ‘It’s 3-0, Milo, enjoy the win!’. No sir, I will not. I will lament our inability to finish off 4v1s. Our inexcusable final third decision making. Our tendency to shoot from 30-yards out when through on goal. Our refusal to score open goals. I could go on and on. Suicide runs at training fellas, you’ve been warned. I think you get the picture.

Anyway, honourable mentions go to Zinedine and  player of the match Archie Blu. Recent recruit Zinedine has been killing it of late to the extent that Yilli (formerly known as Yillinho, before he broke my heart when he started committing his Mondays to Camden Snakes) is but a distant memory and occasional smiley presence at training (joking mate still need you Sundays, cheers). Zinedine’s tenacity combined with his technical quality is a sight to behold. He drives through the midfield with elegant brutality and is starting to understand Coach Milo’s key in-possession principles.

But Archie, madre mia. The bloke pretty much manned the defences on his own with various CB partners acting on lofty ambitions of playing on the wing. His delayed defending stemming from recent training (I hope) and usage of his arms in 1v1s was particularly impressive. My moments of the match. Solid performance all round.  Massively appreciated for his dedication and commitment to BFA. Thank you fella.

Training wise, we actually have been working on counter-attacks and maximising overloads, so to have executed so poorly is puzzling. ‘Sacked in the morning!’, shouted the parents, apparently bemused at the players’ inability to attack directly and commit the defender. I hear you, I really do. To improve we simply have to finish our dinner and complete coach Milo’s fitness sessions at training.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U12 black boys 3 vs 7 Pro Elite

A game of two halves with Ed scoring a free kick late in the first half. As we came in for the half time break one was thing apparent; Zain was having the game of his life against one of the best teams in the league. Once the second half started we were on top shutting down Pro Elite’s attacks with Zain once again doing anything to win the ball back from the tricky opposition. Even though we went into half time 5-1 down the boys battled and never gave up, drawing the second half 2-2. With the game finishing 7-3 the score line this week does not reflect the performance from the boys.

Zain was our player of the match. He constantly shrugged off players much bigger than himself to retain possession or win the ball back for the team. SPECIAL MENTION TO THE ABSOLUTE MACHINE THAT IS CHRIS WHO MADE HIS BLOOMS DEBUT THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!

This weeks training impacted the game by using our work on counter attacking and, as always, using our passing pattern shapes to break through the tough pro elite defence. Next week we can be better by further translating our knowledge and new skills and tactics we have learnt in training into the match day.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U13 Gold Boys 6 vs 0 Pro Elite

Considering we lost 9-1 in the reverse fixture against Pro Elite, the message to the boys was very simple: time to get our revenge! We knew if we started the game with the correct mentality we would dominate, and that is exactly what happened. From the first minute we pressed from the front without fear and won the ball back in their half numerous times in the first 5 minutes. This led to an early lead when Rupert was played a pass on the left side of the box and he calmly placed the ball in the opposite corner with his left foot. Exactly the start we wanted!

We dominated possession and anytime Pro Elite ventured towards our half we won the ball back ASAP. The boys were a constant threat and that led to another goal when Freddie Littner took on a couple of players and then had a shot saved. First to react was Adam who followed the shot in and had an easy tap in to put Bloomsbury 2-0 up early in the half. We never took our foot off the pedal and continued to create chances and dominate the game in and out of possession. The opposition were getting very frustrated and committed many fouls. Zeid, with a free kick about 30 yards out on the right side of the pitch, fires a shot towards the goal which takes a slight deflection off a defender and goes into the back of the net! The great first half continued when Eben gets on the end of a great assist from Archie Alberts.

The second half started the same as the first and we did not allow Pro Elite any time to relax on the ball and get into a rhythm. The work rate all over the pitch was great but especially in the midfield from Tristan Turner. He continued to frustrate them, scoring a fantastic volley lobbing the keeper from 35 yards out to make it 5-0. He thoroughly deserved his goal and continued to play fantastically, assisting Rupert towards the end of the game to round off a 10/10 performance. 6-0 to Bloomsbury. A perfect performance, getting a clean sheet and scoring some great goals as well.

The first 10 minutes of the game was the highlight for me because the boys started with such a great level of intensity and that was exactly the start they needed to propel them into a 2-0 lead. Controlling the game from then on. Tristan Turner was our player of the match. He was a menace in midfield, winning the ball back constantly and creating numerous opportunities for his teammates. He led the charge by bringing his energy and dominated the middle of the pitch alongside Noah, Archie and Adam.

We didn’t train this week due to the half term break, but even still, it would be hard to top that performance.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U13 black Boys 0 vs 8 Brent Cross

Brent Cross was the better team. We did not try our best and this match does not reflect our hard work in training. There were many mistakes in defence and the opposition easily broke through and scored multiple goals. The first half was 0-3 but we played well and  tried to score goal to start a comeback. But once the second half started there was no motivation and will to change the course of the game. Not a great result but we will fix this.

Training did not impact this game. We did not play our game and we did not apply all the things that we did and talked about in practice. We lacked character and focus during the match. We can improve and try not let this happen again. We are a good and strong team that can achieve many things this year. The players are great and we can definitely go to the next level.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U18 black Boys 5 vs 1 enfield youth u17

Against only 9 players , BFA started the game on fire, opening the scoring in the very first minute with our first attack of the match. However, complacency started to creep in. BFA’s tempo dropped drastically and frustration started to show at as certain things out of our control did not go our way (referee decisions). Enfield capitalised on this and managed to equalise due to a dubious penalty shout. BFA regrouped as a team and went into half time 2-1 ahead after our captain Tristan found the top corner with a wonderful strike just before the break.

We came out stronger in the second half. Ruthless and relentless, BFA piled on the pressure. Jack scored an outrageous scissor kick after being spotted wide open on the left of the box for Reese to pick him out with a pinpoint cross. The moment of the match. Tristan scored his second worldie of the match, again from outside the box, before Jaden Andersen headed home from a corner late in the game to effectively kill it off. 5-1 the final score and a well deserved victory in the end.

Our player of the match was our captain, Tristan. Two phenomenal goals but, more importantly, he managed to bring calmness to the team at a time when we needed it most.

No training this week due to half term could have been a reason for our drop in tempo and shift in attitude. Nevertheless we were able to shake off the cobwebs and get the job done. Getting back to our brilliant basics and reinforce consistent positive behaviours will see us maintain our high standards.

Reinvigorated after the break!