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Academy Match Reports

Rest up & Go Again

26th Oct 2023

Bloomsbury Football academy U7 boys 3 vs 4 The Vale

It looked like it would be another straightforward win for the Gold team when we had an early 3 – 0 lead, thanks to Chiaki’s 2 goals and Adam’s 1. However, due to a lack of substitutes, our lead slowed down as energy levels started to drop. Until this, the boys had been really showing their quality, dominating defensive and offensive 1v1s, applying excellent pressure, and creating lots of chances through team play.

This was an unfortunate result, but if we had a substitute to maintain our energy levels, this would have been a comfortable win. After Adam scored he ran nearly the length of the pitch to do a rehearsed celebration with his dad! It’s always lovely to see what the game means to those who are nearest and dearest to the players.

Arthur Kearney was player of the match. Arthur played in defence today, and his reading of the play was impeccable. His anticipation, perfect, preventing multiple attacks through tackles and interceptions. Every time he won the ball he drove forward, laying off to teammates, or skipping past opponents pressure. A big shout out also to Chiaki for his goals, and his energy!

Clearly the training that Adam and his father have been doing paid dividends today. As a team our work on beating opposing players has been critical to our success. Going forward we could improve by understanding when we are fatiguing and reacting accordingly with our shape. A lot to ask of this young team, but those are the high standards that they have set for themselves!

Bloomsbury Football Academy U9 gold boys 4 vs PFA United 1

A great game where we knew from minute 1 that it would be a challenge. Goals from Ezekial and Rocco, who scored a hat trick, were the difference in a fantastic performance and arguably our best one yet! My favourite moment was when James Gallier was able to save three close range shots in goal. Unreal stuff from James! My player of the match was Rocco Becci. His ability to come out of goal and make an impact straight away was outstanding. Being in the right positions at all times meant he deserved his 3 goals.

This week’s training was focused on retaining to create. There was times where we played backwards when there were no options but I hope to see more of this throughout the next couple of weeks. Next week is a half term break, so it’s good to have some down time being ready to come back and keep developing as one of the best age groups in the Academy!

Bloomsbury Football Academy U9 black boys 5 vs Bloomsbury Football Academy U9 red

An awkward start as we had prepared to face European FA but quick goals from Paulo, Ezekial and Rocco, with yet another hat trick, saw the game become relaxed and enjoyable to watch. The second game finished 2-0 with goals from Ezekial and Maxi. This game was a look into how we hold our shape in and out of possession and how long we could keep the ball for. My favourite moment was when Rocco Becci pulled off one of the most intelligent striker goals this year. He waited for the keeper to drop the ball and stole it off him to score an easy tap in. My favourite moment in the second game was when Maxi pulled off a bicycle kick which nestled into the bottom corner!

My player of the match for first game was Ismail. His ability to play different positions and still impact the game was brilliant. His skills to take it past the opposition felt unfair. My player of the match for the second game was Maxi. Maxi hasn’t been involved in recent game days but today he showed why maybe he possibly should be as his ability to run at players and get shots off was fantastic.

This week’s training looked into retaining to create which applied more so to the second game as I wanted to relax and be in control. After that performance there is now opportunity to use what we’ve learnt over the next few games. Next week is a half term break off so it’s good to have some down time and ready ourselves to come back and keep developing as one of the best age groups in the Bloomsbury academy!

Bloomsbury Football Academy U12 black boys 0 vs 3 Alexandra Park Youth

A 3-0 loss at home ordinarily seems a like poor score line, and whilst there is admittedly some undeniable truth to that, I’m happy to report there were some definite positives. The game was relatively even at 1-0, but 2 late breakaway goals conceded as we pushed for the equaliser put the result beyond doubt. Playing the second placed team, this wasn’t the worst result. There was plenty of optimism following Zinedine and Filipe’s debuts. It goes without saying that having a goalkeeper helps in football. That he’s the 12-year-old equivalent of being 6’7 is another huge plus. But wait, there’s more.

A hopeful sense of untapped potential. The fact that Filipe is not quite aware of how to drop-kick a ball properly or know where to place goal-kicks, yet is able to block his top corner with the ease in which a social-media-addicted-teen finger-twitches to open up their Instagram feed, when they were supposed to reply to mum. And Zinedine…what a guy. Those line-breaking runs through midfield, my highlights of the match, are absolutely befitting of his namesake. He will undoubtedly be a huge asset, especially once he gets his fitness up to scratch. Well deserving of our player of the match. Believe it or not, he actually came to me with back issues. The kid’s not even hit 12!! Gage!! Come back.

Anyway, back to the game. Bloomsbury started the match with a confidence in possession unbefitting of their league position, pinging the ball around at will and looking dangerous in transition. Unfortunately, our rock-at-the-back, Kieran O’Brien, decided to go on walkabouts and with no one wanting to cover their mate, a gaping hole appeared in the middle of our defence, which the opposition exploited. At 1-0, we battled, we toiled, we had some exceptional chances we were unable to convert (sorry Maxi, you’ll be let out of my dungeon after you complete the next 100 near-post finishes).

Ultimately, we were unable to wrestle ourselves back into the game. A poor tactical decision by the ordinarily-perfect-maker-of-tactical-decisions, Coach Milo, to go 2-at-the-back proved costly, as the opposition punished us on the break. Another frustrating Sunday, but I’m sure these losses will serve as reference points for us going forwards that will allow future glory. Some great debuts, but just not quite. We go again. Up the Blooms!

We worked on counter attacks and committing the opposition defenders. The match provided some food for thought and we still didn’t attack with the directness and bravery as was required, which is again a useful point of reflection. Moving forward we need focus and application. Whether that be maintaining our positioning for our build-up structures or in the defensive block, or carrying out counter-attacking principles.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U12 black boys 1 vs 2 Edmonton Rangers

A game of two halves. At the end of the first half we led 1-0. A lead we rightly deserved after an amazing start. We controlled the game, were patient in possession and compact out of possession. We set traps for the opposition and carried out the game plan exceptionally well. As we came out for the second half we, unfortunately, started very slowly taking our foot of the gas and allowing Edmonton Rangers back into the game. This is what helped them score two goals that ultimately won them the game. My highlights was Yacine being forced off the pitch not feeling very well, later coming back on and bossing the midfield even high he was not feeling 100%. Ayman was our player of the match for working hard all game and being silky smooth on the ball.

This week we worked once again on counter attacking and how we can move forward quickly as a team which showed in how effective we were in progressing the ball after winning it. As we go into the half term break we can take this week to relax and take some time to think over the past few  fixtures and training. Hopefully we can take the learning from the first block into our future fixtures.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U13 black Boys 16 vs 0 New salamis

We knew we were the favourites and so we played with this mentality. But we did not let this get to our heads. In the first 5 minutes our striker, Elliot, scored a hattrick. We scored 10 goals in the first half and 6 more in the second. The player with the most goals was Eben with 6 followed by Elliot with 5, Jasper with 2 and Mickey, Ashley and Kente who all scored 1 each. Fantastic and dominant football from our team. A well deserved win. We are so happy with our team’s improvement so far! My favourite moment was when we scored the first goal of the match in a matter of seconds as this boosted our confidence and made this match much easier. Player of the match would probably be Eben since he scored 6 goals but at the same time he ran, pressed and assisted his teammates whenever they needed it. Exceptional performance from our right winger.

In training we talked about the mentality we should have during the match, what the game plan was and what was needed from the players. The team clearly understood the assignment and delivered a top class performance. To improve we could minimise our mistakes when we pass, our decision-making should be clearer and on point.

Bloomsbury Football Academy U18 Gold Boys 2 vs 1 Enfield Youth

BFA headed into this top-of-the-table clash against Enfield, who were narrowly, needing to avoid defeat to maintain our spot at the summit. Without a regular goalkeeper, captain Tristan stepped up once again to take responsibility of the position and was largely untested in the first half, BFA controlling most of the exchanges. Philo, returning from injury at right back, was effective as numerous attacks were built down our right flank, in which we created a number of good goal scoring opportunities, yet failed to test their keeper.

Regrouping at the break with the score level still at 0-0, Cosmas, after a solid shift at left back, went in goal for the second half. We came out just as strong and kept applying the pressure which eventually told. A ball over the top of the opposition defence was chased down by Elliot like a lion hunting a gazelle, and despite the keeper just getting to the ball first, his clearance came straight back off Hyseni. The ball looped over his head for him to head home on the rebound into in empty net. The game was effectively put to bed 5 minutes from time when a defence splitting pass by Luca through the middle was pounced on once again by Hyseni. Toe poking past the goalkeeper for his second of the game. Enfield threw the kitchen sink at us the other end and managed to claw one back late on but our back line, coupled with a match winning save from Cosmas, ensured BFA came away with all 3 points!

The ball rebounding off Elliot’s face before scoring the first was my highlight of the match.  Scoring after missing two easy chances either side of half time summed up what he is about! Ultimately scoring goals one way or another! Jayden was our player of the match. His performance in the first half, and then at left back in the second, really helped set the platform for the rest of the team to shine. Solid at the back, winning his duels with some monstrous tackles as well!

I was sick and was unable to attend training this week. The teams togetherness showed as they still came along and kept the work rate high, focusing on areas of gameplay including build-up and retention of the ball. We are going to enjoy the rest this half term break ready to go again!

ENJOY A well earned rest!