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The Coaching Lab x Bloomsbury Football

11th Jan 2024

Bloomsbury sessions just got even more fun with The Coaching Lab MatchPlay Cards


At Bloomsbury Football, we think these are some of the best words you can hear in a session. 

Young people (and adults!) love playing games, and we’re passionate that coaches should positively incorporate games into their sessions, not just as a reward or afterthought. It helps players develop their social and emotional learning, as well as have more fun at training. 

That’s why we’re excited to be using The Coaching Labs MatchPlay Cards at Bloomsbury Football.

MatchPlay Cards, a collection of team and player challenges to be used in match scenarios, add a new dimension to every training session, keeping everyone engaged.  

They can instantly level the playing field for mixed ability teams, while improving problem solving, communication and adaptability in players. Plus, they’re super simple to use; just pick them up and play! 

Since The Coaching Lab launched in 2018, MatchPlay Cards have enhanced player, coach and teacher experiences in over 70 countries. They’re loved by grassroots and professionals across multiple sports, including Arsenal FC, GB Hockey, Rugby Australia – and Bloomsbury Football! 

The Coaching Lab founder Jack Rolfe wants all teachers and coaches to have access to MatchPlay Cards.  

To get 10% off your order of MatchPlay Cards, use the code BF10 at checkout. Or, to get or save £10 when ordering 4+ decks for your school, use code BFSAVE. 

In January, £5 of your order will go towards supporting Bloomsbury Football, enabling us to deliver more life-changing experiences for young people through the power of football. 

Visit The Coaching Lab to find out more or contact [email protected].

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