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Academy Match Reports


23rd Feb 2022


Bloomsbury U13 0-3 Pro Sports Academy

Our only game to report on this week was a very exciting Saturday morning fixture seeing Bloomsbury vs Pro Sports Academy, two great footballing teams. Pro Sports Academy looked comfortable in possession but weren’t looking too dangerous. Bloomsbury stuck to the game plan, staying disciplined and compact, waiting for the right moments to strike. There were some excellent transitions from Bloomsbury trying to catch Pro Sports Academy on the counter. The boys looked dangerous on the break and were unlucky to not have put a goal away. Bloomsbury started to tire and conceded a goal in the third quarter. Trying to fight their way back, the players were on the brink of scoring, but unfortunately, they slowly let the game slip away. Pro Sports Academy secured the win by scoring two goals late in the final quarter. Overall, it was very impressive to see the lads staying disciplined and sticking to the game plan. A fantastic game from both teams showcasing some very entertaining football.