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Academy Match Reports

WEEK 33 | Teamwork Through the Tournaments

8th Jun 2022

Bloomsbury U13 – Play on the Pitch Tournament

Joél Meressa came onto the pitch and made an immediate impact. He was willing to take on players and was rewarded for his efforts with a goal! It was really impressive to see the teams focus and tactical understanding entering the first match.

Zac Silverston, Dante Tuitt and Francesco Beber were excellent at keeping the ball and making intelligent decisions when building the attack. Their decisions led to control of the match. Their capability to retain possession of the ball and be patient during the build-up phase was great to see.

Aymen Goytom was exceptional in the midfield role. He effectively man-marked the opposition’s most vital player and was inventive on the ball. His control and distribution led to multiple chances for the team. The team’s ability to change formations to a 3-2-1 formation during the match was good and this added defensive stability after taking the lead.

Joel Goodgame made an immediate impact after coming onto the pitch. He linked up play and was brilliant in his technical execution of passes. Aymen Goytom played a terrific bounce pass to Joel who scored the second goal of the game with his weak foot to solidify the victory! It was really impressive to see Jake Cameron’s performance in a crucial game for the team. He was effective in and out of possession for the entire match. His teammates also gave everything as Zac Silverston and Dante Tuitt handled a defensive challenge effectively. They were up against an extremely tall and physical striker, but they rose to the challenge well to nullify any threat.

The entire team was focused and determined to win. It was a very proud moment as all 11 players had an impact on the match no matter their role and their resilience was great to see! After conceding the first goal and going to penalties, the players kept their heads held high the entire match. They faced adversity in the penalty shootout, but thanks to terrific penalties and specifically two saves from Sami Wright, the team took home the trophy!