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Academy Match Reports


9th Nov 2021


LFS Tufnell Snowdrops U12 vs Bloomsbury Girls U12


Friday night hosted a crazy Camden and Islington Youth Football League (CIYFL) fixture which saw Bloomsbury’s U12s crown themselves comeback Queens as their positivity and perseverance earnt themselves a well-deserved draw!

Though Millie’s fantastic free kick would quickly cancel out the home side’s opener, LFS led 3-1 early in the second half and mounted a tough uphill for Bloomsbury. And yet, another free-kick from Millie that this time found Jet on the back post plus a  glorious, determined run from Marwa passed through for Janet to score, meant Bloomsbury had somehow, clawed the game back.

For many teams LFS’s fourth would have been the killer to seal the victory, but not for Bloomsbury, immediately they responded, Jet passed inside the box for Janet to score her second and land another sucker punch to the home side.

The U12’s best performance of the season and one that saw the week’s theme and topic ‘building the attack with different types of passes’ achieved exceptionally. Their ability bouncing short passes, sets, and lofting longer balls came to the fore, demonstrated in particular by Kitty, Jet and Marwa who’s bounce passes created one-twos that created shooting opportunities and Millie and Nea who mastered the lofted pass, Nea’s proving especially decisive and earnt her woman-of-the-match.

Shoutout also to Phoebe who as usual, made some incredible saves. The quality, desire and willingness of this performance is indicative of the girl’s positivity and dedication in training and marked an unbelievable difference to their first appearance against this opposition.

Bloomsbury U7 Gold vs Hackney Borough U8


An exceptional performance from Bloomsbury’s U7s: one that saw them match the physicality of their older opposition, showcased fantastic team work out of possession to win the ball, had all three goal-scorers: Henry, Sean and Aymen help themselves to a brace, and one that most importantly and deservingly, had them enjoying themselves on the pitch.
Especially impressive was how the team took their chances when the opportunities arose, cementing them the 5-2 victory earning them all three points in the CIYFL.

Bloomsbury U7 Gold vs PFA United U7

Saturday’s victory in the Camden Youth League (CYL) was an impressive score-line, but even more impressive was the application of the week’s training and half-time’s feedback. The training of course revolved around using different types of passes to build the attack, but the feedback at the interval emphasised the need to be aware of the responsibilities that each position requires.
As a result, the team ensured the action remained firmly in the right half of the pitch, the opponent’s. Scoring started with an Oliver Doherty free-kick superbly struck from around 15 yards out and continued at a steady rate thanks to Guy wrapping up a hattrick in serious style using his left foot to score a fantastic effort. After the restart, Rocco came out of net and was able to get himself on the scoresheet with a brilliant finish that also saw him use his left-foot, and then goals from Rahul, Sean and Noah concluded a comprehensive display from a very talented young group.
Special mention to Noah who utilised several different types of pass in many different scenarios and capped his performance off with a goal. He was a constant threat when going forward but also understood his positional assignment defensively: a consistent performer who was one of many that played as part of a double header.

Bloomsbury U8 Gold vs Formula U8


Their response, conceding right at the very start, their versatility, many playing in multiple positions and all of them enjoying their different roles, and their application of the week’s theme and topic ‘building the attack with different types of passes’, superbly using different fuses and passing combinations to play forward and create the opportunity to score – was seriously impressive and earnt Bloomsbury U8 Gold’s a deserving 5-2 victory at home in the CIYFL.

Two of those specifically who applied the week’s topic especially well were Lawrence and Misha as they demonstrated their short and long passing abilities which led to great opportunities for the team to score.

Bloomsbury U9 Black vs Adamant FC Cheetah U9

An excellent victory for the U9s in the CYL in which their performance on the ball was top, top tier. The focus was applying different types of passes in the right moments, though the Coach wanted the players to exploit the space behind the opposition defenders by using the long pass more often (why this aspect will be worked on more fervently going forward), our quick intricate play with short passes was a sight to behold, the opposition couldn’t handle it. The team were incredibly clinical and secured their biggest win of the season.
As we dominated the game, the opponents resorted to overbearing and unnecessarily strong tackles and fouls. Easy to extract an equally negative response, but Bloomsbury displayed quite the opposite, their maturity and positivity to refuse to react with negativity and anger was brilliant: simply placing the ball down to set up ready for the freekick.
Often we end up in matches like this, where overly physical opponents usually get the best of us as we react to the strong tackles, however this was the first time we have overcome such issues, playing our game with a bit more aggression to match the opposition who as a whole posed little threat as we stuck to our game plan expertly.
Shoutouts to the skipper, and as selected by his teammates, man-of-the-match Santiago Caicedo, as well as Lukas Solomon who most certainly had his shooting boots on. Five marvellous goals, always quick to react to any loose ball in the opposition box, great to see him playing with such composure. Also to Fernando Ferreira, our goalkeeper who always took risks to help the team, pushing nice and high to offer us an extra option, helping us dominate possession and always creating a backward passing option.

Bloomsbury U9 Gold vs MGA U9

A superb victory for Bloomsbury U9s in a well matched battle where the opening exchanges saw both teams’ attempts to attack as quickly as possible result in transitions turbocharged. As the first half progressed the NOS eventually ran out and Bloomsbury’s work with the ball grew more and more expansive: evidenced through their second goal starting with a sweeping pass wide, then crossed superbly by Bastian. In the second half, the team stamped their authority, combining often with a series of three or four passes before players like Riku and Kurt drove forward.
Kurt’s maturity of play and comprehension of the week’s learnings of ‘building the attack with different types of passes’ designated him as one of the standouts, evident straight from the warm-up as he had prepared his own challenges deriving from the week’s topic, setting himself the challenge to play longer passes from the first third to the final third, being in goal in the first half provided the opportunity to do this. Not only was Kurt’s execution excellent, but so to was Deniro who actioned the coach’s point to curve his run when pressing superbly. The cunning of this team is seriously impressive, not only Kurt and Deniro but also Vinny who demonstrated why his footballing IQ is so high as he showcased ability to recognise when he could take more chances versus when he needs to move the ball quickly and also Alex Dearing’s engagement of the tactical aspect, who through starting on the bench showcased his astute tactical understanding as he assessed and analysed the opponent to match his attributes to where he would suit the match and why.

Bloomsbury U10 Gold vs The Vale FC U11

The loss wasn’t fair in demonstrating how valiantly Bloomsbury U10’s pushed their older opposition all the way to the very end.

The week’s theme and topic of ‘building the attack with different types of passes’ was applied excellently as superb raking cross field balls and cheeky flicks displayed the group’s range of pass.

We were unlucky not to score on numerous occasions no thanks to what was a fantastic game from the opposing keeper, however the boys also has performances to shout about. Oli Brito, Nicholas Pagkalis and Morely Southern provided excellent moments, and Jacob was exemplary in an advanced midfield role. Vanya injected the energy for the group covering all areas and creating chances going forward, Jorge kept the game at it’s score-line with some fantastic saves, Zac Levan-Harris posed a constant and meaningful threat on the right hand side with Archie-Blu giving a very goof account of himself playing both in the attacking and defensive positions and was unlucky not to score himself on a few occasions, and last but not least man-of-the-match Job Dedinca, a huge performance, his exceptional covering allowed us to commit many driving runs forward, and he was unlucky not to cap his performance with a goal after he ferocious effort cannoned off the bar. A solid display as he adapted brilliantly to every situation and position he was faced with.

Bloomsbury North U10 vs Bloomsbury Girls U10


Layla was probably the happiest player in our victory in GSL as she was able to sneak herself on to a score-sheet exclusively shared by Kyah’s six goals, Ilya’s seven and Nyah’s eight!
For the coach, it was the top goal-scorer’s clinical passing and decisiveness on the ball that was the difference in the game. Having the accuracy to split the defence with a pass and also have the vision to switch the play when the opportunity raised proved exceptionally effective.
Nyah, along with the rest of the squad, were seriously impressive, applied themselves excellently and understood wholly their task not to waste possession of the ball and to use to different types of pass. It was crucial to our success and was brilliant to see the ease with which the girls bought their trainings into the match.

Bloomsbury U10 Black vs Tetherdown Reds U11

Despite the loss it was a performance that earned a glowing reflection from the coach, commenting that the group who understandably were frustrated at the final whistle but should change their perspective from being result and outcome bias to instead focus on the process as their collective motivation to push, scratch and claw in matches demonstrates their immense attitude and quality and is why they’re such a pleasure to coach. Conducting their own preparation and choosing the starting line-up and style of play themselves ahead of a game against older opposition exemplifies the confidence of this group of young men and is why they should be hugely proud of themselves and their efforts.

Particularly Mo, who’s performance at right back was fantastically focused and mature, recognising when to drive forward and when to hold position, and also Otto’s who energy in a game that demanded risk and bravery, was overwhelming, blink and he would be in another part of the pitch. The next step is to recognise when to execute this strength and when instead to hold.

Bloomsbury U11 Black vs Sport London e Benfica U11

Bloomsbury’s U11s left Coram’s Field on Saturday, frustrated and disappointed.
After a positive start against strong opposition, the group then suffered a difficult moment and Benfica scored thanks to a deservingly well-struck effort.
The initial response was very good, chances were created by both sides and Bloomsbury had the better of them, Ardi was the driving force to this and was unlucky not to reap the rewards. At half-time a tactical change saw us alter shape in an attempt to regain control, but unfortunately a succession of individual mistakes meant we would lose the game. Many positives to take but ultimately a tough defeat to endure. Huge shoutout to the four U10s who played two years up: Jorge, Vanya, Samuel and Oli, all making a great account of themselves.

Thame United U11 vs Bloomsbury U11 Gold


Archie Albert’s strike to follow Noah Conway’s double constructed either side of half-time including a well-taken left footed finish that ensured the Bloomsbury weren’t to rue their missed chances, saw the U11’s leave Meadow View Park with all three-points.

Troy Selene’s reflection commenting that “we kept possession well, but we need to finish more chances” summed this Saturday’s performance to a tee, the U11’s implemented this week’s learnings of ‘building the attack with forward passing’ expertly, crafting angles and breaking the lines, but too often undone their great work by squandering the resulting chance.

However, to not be entirely content with the finishing in a 1-3 victory away from home, speaks volumes to how good these three points are. Massive shoutout to Luke Bahia who’s performance displayed exactly why it’s his fourth-week on the bounce playing a year up. An exceptional performance of industry off the ball: winning it every, single, time, and even starting in net for the first 20 minutes, and a performance of poise on it: demonstrating his ability to receive on either foot and then playing out from the back classily.

Kick Action U12 vs Bloomsbury Girls U12


Gutting to not be able to get the victory in the Girls Super League fixture against Kick Action as our rocky start making mistakes whilst building the attack saw us concede two early goals.
The result is a shame but the clean sheet in the second half and last minute finish by Kaya exemplifies the ability of this team to bounce back. Massive shoutout to Millie who in Phoebe’s absence stepped up in goal and made countless saves and even made sure to use her outfield ability, distributing brilliantly through lofted passes to link up with Ilya, Kitty, Jet and Kaya to allow us to play in the middle and final third to advance.

360 Talent Academy U13 vs Bloomsbury U12


Two exceptional pieces of deal ball mastery from Kyri and Jack sandwiched between Taaj’s goal were unfortunately not enough to reward the U12’s exceptional recovery from being down 4-0 at half-time.
Their response proved why they as U12s are wholly deserving and able to compete in an U13’s league, transferring frustration and anger for all the wrong reasons into hunger, working together to fight back as a team saying positive, a fantastic reaction.

Pro Soccer Academy U13 vs Bloomsbury U13


Luton’s brisk, windy grass pitch saw Bloomsbury’s long away trip unfortunately unfruitful against impressive Pro Soccer Academy.
The overall attitude and persistence of the whole team to keep battling and attempt to create chances despite the score-line unfavourable score-line. Having only played a few games together as a team and at 11-a-side, the team are of course going to endure some hardships, but their mentality, not only to keep fighting but to accept and understand this as part of their learning process, is so encouraging and will serve them well for their journey, where we look forward to implement the learnings of this week’s theme and topic ‘building the attack with forward passing’. Shout-out to Sami Wright who despite the amount of times he had to pick the ball out his net, made some outstanding 1v1 saves and produced some top stops.

Youngs FC U14 vs Bloomsbury Girls U14


Not the result the Girls were looking for, but the glory of friendly fixtures is that the result has no ramifications and offers us the opportunity next week to improve: in this instance the maintaining of mentality as the loss of attitude saw our self-confidence drop.
However, in relation to this week’s learnings on ‘building the attack using different types of passes’, our passing priorities and attempts to play the ball into space were pleasing, especially Tanya Tekasla who’s receiving from Clara and subsequent playing forward down the line facilitated our forward attacks and created our chances. Shoutout also to keeper Clara Wuelfing, who combined excellent distribution, frequently finding the striker’s feet, with multiple great saves.

Pro Sports Academy U14 vs Bloomsbury U14


Saturday’s Junior Premier League fixture marked for Bloomsbury’s U14s the start of a new Block and a change in formation and system to a 4-1-2-1-2.
The reasoning behind the adjustment being to a want to utilise the natural talent in midfield and lessen the exposure to the central area.
Unfortunately, because of a mixture of crucial mistakes and how comfortable and organised the opposition were with the ball, we didn’t see much of the ball and couldn’t press high and meant we were trailing by four goals at the end of the quarter.
The resulting change to 4-3-3 and attempt to limit space between our defensive and midfield lines and capitalise with quick transition was unsuccessful in reclaiming the game for Bloomsbury as the team found the deficit increased by two more goals, where at this point the formation was changed to 3-4-1-2, something unfamiliar to the boys yet resulted our best quarter of the game as we dominated possession and found the most amount of attacking joy. A massive and surprising positive to take from the game, a tool they can now add to their arsenal and develop and is reward for their willingness to change and perseverance right till the very end despite the score-line, and is why this group of players are especially admirable.

Sintra U15 vs Bloomsbury U15


Doubles from the double-act of Matteo and Dylan left Bloomsbury’s U15s with that Friday feeling as they triumphed in the CIYFL.
And yet despite the four goals and clean sheet, it wasn’t enough for Saul De Botton who reflected by commenting “to score three goals in the first half we deserved, but in the second half we didn’t perform to the maximum. I would say that it was a sloppy game from us for 25 minutes. This is something that we need to work on”. The ability to win so convincingly yet step back and view the performance so holistically is testament to the maturity and ability of this group of players.
Special mention to Taj Abisogun for his best performance of the season, his forward passing was amazing and linked up many times with Dylan and Saul, winning his individual battles and recognised when it was the right to time attack. A performance that marks his development thanks to his constant hard work at trainings and games.

Bloomsbury U16 vs Los Campos U16


Intelligence and fight was required from the U16s if they were to maintain their undefeated CIFYL record, but thanks to some clever adjustments Bloomsbury overturned a 2-1 deficit to keep their record in the CIYFL intact.

The starting formation against Los Campos slightly exposed the defence and costed us two goals, and so massive kudos to the boys for actioning the necessary adjustments to comeback. The team, despite the obstacles, classily kept their composure, and was rewarded through Tristan’s last-minute winner!

Bloomsbury U16 vs PSA Academy U16 


Having the support of three U15s and two U14s represented the toughness challenge posed to us Saturday.

Using a highly defensive strategy we were able to keep the score-line deadlocked, but the efforts of our defensive exploits meant we had no energy to attack and at around 70 minutes, the opposition were able to break through and score the opener, with two goals quickly following. Huge shoutout to Ridon for an incredible performance in goal ensuring the final result wasn’t worse. Both games, great collective work by the players and a better demonstration of their ability to take assistance and apply in the match.