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Super League London was founded in 2021 to provide a better grassroots league experience to young footballers in London. With Bloomsbury Football supporting the initiative as a founding partner, Super League has grown from 15 participating teams in the first season, to now over 50 teams playing regular matches. Although Super League London is managed independently from other programmes, Bloomsbury have continued to support the growth of the league, with all of the Girls Academy teams competing in the Girls Super League. 

Equal Opportunity

GSL reduces barriers to access by providing quality referees and an excellent central venue for all league fixtures – teams just show up and play! Guided by the principle of equal opportunity for all players, this format ensures that clubs with fewer resources or without a home pitch don’t have to miss out.

Community Support

Girls Super League is more than just a league, it’s a hub for girls’ football. With only one central venue, players, coaches, and supporters all gather in one place every week, fostering a tight-knit community. In addition to regular league fixtures, GSL facilitates educational workshops and fun events for clubs within the network.

Positive Pathways

The league is an inclusive and inspiring environment with coaches, referees, and league staff working as strong female role models for players to look up to. The Girls Super League community not only encourages girls to pursue their love of football, but also showcases the multiple positive pathways that are available to them.