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In London, there are significant barriers preventing young people from getting on the pitch and experiencing the power of football. Pitch space is limited, meaning space to play is at a premium, and many simply can’t afford to join regular training sessions.  

Following COVID-19 lockdowns, mental illness and obesity rates are at unprecedented highs. We need the power of sport now more than ever to support our city’s young people.   

At Bloomsbury Football, we believe that no young person should be excluded from football and its many benefits.  

The power of sport is no secret- regular physical activity is an important way to improve mental & physical health, create a strong sense of community and assist in young people’s development throughout childhood and adolescence. When faced with stress and anxiety, it can be a crucial outlet and can bring joy to young people who are suffering through no fault of their own.

Thanks to support from our community, Bloomsbury Football is proud to be supporting over 5,000 young people in London per week.  

Bloomsbury Football has ambitious plans to maximise our impact. We are in the process of publishing a full strategy which outlines how we plan to support 20,000 young people a week across London – watch this space.