Bloomsbury Football is a London-based grassroots football charity working with over 5,000 young people per week. Our financial assistance model means that no one is turned away, and we cater to young people aged between 18 months to 18 years old. Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability to pay or play. 

Bloomsbury Football reaches over 5,000 young people a week across 8 boroughs in London. We are dedicated to ensuring that every young person can access our sessions.

Our financial assistance model means that no player is turned away. 60% of players on our Foundation programme receive 80-100% bursaries.

We believe that a girl’s place is on the pitch. We have girls’ teams across our programmes and currently engage 1,500 girls per week across London.

In a survey, 92% of parents reported that Bloomsbury Football’s sessions have had a positive effect on their child’s mental wellbeing.



Bloomsbury Football is changing the game for young people in London. We exist because the price of play is worsening social division in our capital city, and we’re tired of grassroots standards- the flat footballs and waterlogged pitched. Our mission is to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of the beautiful game. With our financial assistance model, no young person will be turned away.

Improves mental and physical health

Playing with Bloomsbury Football gives young people the access to the many mental and physical benefits of regular physical activity, as well as providing a support network by welcoming them into the Bloomsbury family.

Builds stronger communities

Our financial assistance model ensures that no young person is priced out of play, and our sessions bring young people from a wide range of backgrounds together. This tackles the increasing social division in our city, and teaches young people to play as a team and communicate more effectively.

Teaches life skills

Football is a reflection of the wider world – the lessons we learn on the pitch extend beyond the side lines. By presenting the beautiful game as a microcosm of society, we are able to teach valuable skills to young people that will help them to achieve their goals throughout their life.