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Bloomsbury Football is a grassroots football charity using the power of football to change the game for young people in London.

Joining a football club in London is expensive

The high demand for open spaces in our capital city pushes up the price of play —and that’s before factoring in expensive equipment, the yearly carousel of new boots and kit, and the travel to and from weekly trainings and matches.

Young people are priced out of play

Ours is a country in which schools, catchment areas and increasing inequalities in housing are creating a social divide. This growing division is now being reflected on the pitch.

The people’s game is no longer bringing people together; it’s pushing young people apart.

In order to make our vision for a better world a reality, we’re on a mission to use the power of football to have a real social impact.   

Enough is enough

Every young person should have the opportunity to access the power of football. This belief is one of the core principles upon which Bloomsbury Football was founded, and it’s a philosophy which we put into practice every single day. Our financial assistance model means that no young person is turned away.

Raising the bar for grassroots football

We’re raising the bar for grassroots football- flat footballs, waterlogged pitches, and unorganised sessions are a thing of the past. We want every young person who plays with us to form life-long positive memories on and off the pitch.

Our model

Each week, we provide over 5,000 young people aged between eighteen months and eighteen years old free or subsidized football sessions. Our financial assistance model provides up to 80% off Foundation, Academy, Futsal and Bears sessions for all who require it. Larger discounts are assessed on a case-by-case basis. No parent or guardian will ever be charged more than they can afford for one of our sessions.

We also provide subsidized kits and boots to any Bloomsbury family struggling to afford them. When times get tough and purse strings tighten, we’re here to ensure that you are never forced to compromise on your child’s health.

That’s the power of football and that’s how we’re changing the game for young people in London.